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IF the present top contenders hold their lead this may be the most mobbed-up presidential contest in our history. Both Clinton and Giuliani, for example, had close business partners who have gotten into trouble with the law. The idea of former partners of Bernie Kerik or Jim and Susan McDougal running for president with impunity would seem absurd only a couple of decades ago, but now is just accepted as business as usual.

Bernie Kerik, according to the Washington Post, has been told by federal prosecutors that "he is likely to be charged with several felonies, including tax evasion and conspiracy to commit wiretapping" and both the McDougals ended up in prison on fraud and conspiracy charges. Jim McDougal, incidentally, died less than a year after special prosecutor Kenneth Starr had offered him a reduced sentence for help in his investigation of the Clinton scandals. McDougal, known to have serious heart problems, died in solitary confinement where he had been denied any heart medications.

The lack of media or public concern about the Kerik and McDougal connections is another sign of how accustomed Americans have become to the decadence of their culture and politics. As we have noted before, we all live in a Mafia neighborhood now.


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I think this lack of concern about the front-running candidates' mob connections might be another consequence of starting presidential campaigning so early. The election is more than a year off, and it's hard to get riled up about something that seems so distant. Who knows? By the time the official election day comes, voters may be so oversatuated with campaigning that they won't care much for any of the candidates. That would be a victory for the status quo and its considerable inertia.

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