Wednesday, June 6


[50 years ago this summer, your editor covered his first story in Washington. Throughout the year, the Review will offer excerpts from "Multitudes: The Unauthorized Memoirs of Sam Smith," the full version of which is available on our site]

In 1975 we published this comparison between a DC Jail cell and a Volkswagon, drawn by Washington architect Rich Ridley


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know, it's just too friggin bad. Maybe if we raise taxes a little more, we can place all those criminals in luxury hotel suites where they deserve to be.
If you think American jail cells are bad, try looking at Japan's. They are much tinier, and are not even allowed windows.
Try prisons in places like Turkey. Trust me, American prisoners do not have much to bitch about when it comes to the type of prison cells they're housed in.


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