Monday, April 14

David Weigel in Reason

David Weigel in Reason notes that Chelsea Clinton has a misspeaking problem, too, as evidence from this story in Penn State Daily Collegian:

"Before joining the campaign trail with her mother in January, Chelsea Clinton said she had no idea how much sexism still existed in the nation. 'Two guys in New Hampshire stood up and shouted 'Iron my shirt,'' Chelsea Clinton said. 'They were serious. I was shocked that they were serious. But I was even more shocked to see that no one seemed the think that it was a news story. It wasn't something you saw a news clip of.'

Writes Weigel: "No, they were local shock jocks doing a stunt for their show. This was revealed within about 4 hours. . . It was a huge news story. Most of my news at the time was coming from chatter at campaign stops and listening to the radio, and I knew about this instantly. This isn't a perfect measure, but google 'iron my shirt' and Clinton's name and you'll see 39,000 items, most of them contemporary news accounts.