Monday, April 7, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

1999 From a deposition of Linda Tripp:

Q Have you seen recent reports on the Drudge report that news stories are being leaked by the Washington Post to the White House in advance of their publication? Have you become aware of any such reports from Matt Drudge?

A I'm still unclear as to what your question is. Am I aware of the Washington Post leaking stories to --

Q In advance to the White House as reported by Matt Drudge?

A Well, that's completely commonplace.

Q What leads you to believe that?

A Because it happened, frequently. I mean we would almost uniformly count on a Washington Post heads-up prior to publication.

Q Where did you experience the Washington Post heads-up?

A In the Counsel's Office and in the President's Office and only by that I mean as it has to do with Bruce Lindsay, because often he -- this always occurred late in the evening. There were times I even spent the night on the couch in the Counsel's Office because I couldn't get home because we were waiting to see, if what we had been told by the Washington Post was ultimately how it appeared in print, and the first issues came out late at night.

Q Who was it that gave the heads-up from the Washington Post?

A I think Bruce Lindsay was the contact at the White House and I don't know with whom he spoke at the Washington Post, but he would run upstairs and keep us posted and then we would wait for the issue.

Q Did he say it was an editor who contacted him?

A It was someone, I do remember it was someone high up. It wasn't some gum-shoe reporter, but I just don't remember who it was.

Q Were there any other reporters that you know of that gave heads-up to the White House? Any other press people?

A: Andrea Mitchell routinely with Bruce Lindsay. I can only tell you on issues that impacted the Counsel's Office, because it was those, it may well have been many more or fewer, I don't know, but I know that those issues that the Counsel's Office had press interest in we would hear from Bruise [sic] what he had heard from his contacts.


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