Tuesday, April 8


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW, 1999 Neal Travis of the New York Post reports that, according to a new book on the Mossad, Israel blackmailed President Clinton with 30 hours of tapes of his phone sex talks with Monica Lewinsky. The agency allegedly agreed not to release the material in return for Clinton calling off an FBI hunt for a top-level Israeli mole supposedly in the White House. The allegation appears in "Gideon's Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad," written by Gordon Thomas and due out next week. The White House response through spokesman P.J. Crowley: "The only thing I can possibly say is we'll skip the book and wait for the movie."

Lewinsky testified under oath that after a session of heavy petting and oral sex in the White House, Clinton told her a foreign embassy was tapping the two phone lines in her DC apartment. She claims Clinton told her that if questioned they should say they knew their calls were being bugged and were only joking to fool the tappers. Starr did not pursue the matter.

Thomas told the NYP: "So far as anyone knows, the Israeli agent MEGA - a much more important spy than the imprisoned CIA traitor Jonathan Pollard, and probably his controller - is still in place at the White House."

Gordon Thomas is a Welsh author who has written fifty-three books including Gideon's Spies: Mossad's Secret Warriors which became a major documentary for Channel Four. It followed three years of research during which he was given unprecedented access to Mossad's key personnel. The . . . has so far been published in 16 languages. - Wikipedia