Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW 1998 - Susan McDougal, returning before a Little Rock jury, has gotten a free pass from much of the media, so you may not know what this business is all about. When before a grand jury on Whitewater matters, St. Susan of Ark. showed utter contempt not only to the prosecutors but to members of the grand jury, who attempted to take over the questioning after McDougal refused to answer prosecution questions. The grounds: not self-incrimination, but McDougal's view that the prosecution wasn't fair enough for her tastes. At one point she even suggested that she might answer questions if the lead prosecutor would resign, a legal principle not heretofore part of American jurisprudence. Among the questions: What did she mean by writing on a $5,000 check "Payoff Clinton?"


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