Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW, 1999 - Punching yet another hole in the right-wing conspiracy theory of the Clinton investigation, lead House attorney David Schippers says that the GOP leadership refused to consider key evidence: "Let me tell you, if we had a chance to put on a case, I would have put live witnesses before the committee. But the House leadership, and I'm not talking about Henry Hyde, they just killed us as far as time was concerned. I begged them to let me take it into this year. Then I screamed for witnesses before the Senate. But there was nothing anybody could do to get those Senators to show any courage. They told us essentially, you're not going to get 67 votes so why are you wasting our time.". . . Schippers says that while a number of representatives looked at additional evidence kept under seal in a nearby House building, not a single senator did. And he also tells journalist Carl Limbacher that Juanita Broaddrick was subjected to overt surveillance, a technique used to intimidate witnesses (including Foster case witness Patrick Knowlton)


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