Friday, April 25, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW, 1999 From a Fox News interview by Paula Zahn with Kenneth Starr, as reported by Newsmax:

ZAHN: Is there a lot more about this investigation that we're not privy to, that we're going to hear more about in the months to come? Or do we basically know all the major facts?

STARR: No, you do not. There are still aspects of the investigation that are underway. I can't comment on them. It's now out of my hands and in the good hands of [newly appointed Independent Counsel] Bob Ray. So I would just say, let's allow him to do his work in a professional way. . .

ZAHN: Is it fair to say, if Hillary Clinton had done anything wrong legally, she would have been indicted by now? Is she off the hook?

STARR: Well, with respect to the first part of the question, the short answer is prosecutors have to determine, and it's a tough determination, that there is evidence admissible in court that would convince a fair-minded jury to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors typically say there's a difference between what we know and what we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

ZAHN: So what does that mean? Is she home free and clear?

STARR: I'm going to leave it right there. But the investigation does continue in certain aspects and it's in very good hands with Bob Ray.


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