Wednesday, April 16



It's been about a decade and a half since I started getting tossed from talk shows and treated as pariah by my liberal friends for suggesting that the Clintons weren't quite what they made themselves out to be. Now, according to the latest Washington Post poll it turns out that I'm in the mainstream, uncomfortable as that feels: 58% of voters think Hillary Clinton isn't honest.

And it doesn't stop there. If you check out the unfavorables among the four biggest names in politics, the two Clintons lead McCain and Obama in dislikelihood by 11-14 points.

Further, contrary to the media and liberal myth, it's not new. As far back as August 1998, Clinton had an unfavorable rating of 57%. You just weren't to mention it and so when Gore lost in 2000, it was naturally all Ralph Nader's fault.

But wait, here is some hippie Nader nut who'd like to disagree with that:

"By any fair analysis, Gore did win in 2000 and the only reason he didn't win more handily was because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I don't think there's any doubt about that. The election wouldn't have even been close."

Excuse me, but getting back in the mainstream is kind of confusing. That wasn't a Naderite after all, but Mark Fabiani, deputy campaign manager for Gore-Lieberman and former special counsel to President Clinton.