Tuesday, April 8, 2008


CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY TOWER - Pope Benedict's historic visit to campus will cost the University $800,000, President Rev. David M. O'Connell said during House Mass. Half of the funds come from the reallocation of the budget for projects that were already in the works; the other half was personally raised by O'Connell specifically for the papal visit according to University spokesman, Victor Nakas.

The pontiff never intended to hang out in the Pryzbyla Center and visit classes O'Connell told the Tower. The visit is intended to make a much more significant impact on Catholic education around the country.

"The pope had chosen Catholic University because it is the national university of the Church, because it is located in the most powerful city, in the most powerful nation in the world to be his pulpit to give an address to the church in the United States," said O'Connell. . .

Fr. Robert Schlageter and Mike Andrew, assistant dean of students, will lead games, videos, cheers and prayers in preparation of welcoming the pope. . . The Holy Father is anticipated to stop, wave to the crowds and be greeted by O'Connell and a student. . .

About 3,000 requests have been made for media credentials for the papal visit to the University. "There is a great deal of intense interest in what the pope is going to say," said O'Connell.


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