Monday, April 14


SAM SMITH - The headline was a tip off: "D.C. Madam' Case Generating More Winces Than Thrills." It was the sort of story you find in the Post when establishment Washington wants a problem or embarrassment off its back. One can even a imagine future edition: "Schools Helping Children Deal With End of World" The diminution of important news is one of the Post's greatest skills.

The dismissive coverage raises an interesting and not unlikely possibility: that some sort of deal has been struck with Deborah Jeane Palfrey so the better known names of her clients don't come out, a goal which has been seemingly high on the agenda of the US Attorney and the courts since the case hit town. Shorten Palfrey's sentence and everyone can get back to business.

And so, once again, a woman will do time so that men can continue to have their fun. Some day the women's movement might even notice.


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