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- This makes me sick to admit I am an American. It also scares me to death to live in a country where the government tells science and medicine what it can research and what it can't and what kind of treatments they are allowed to use regardless of scientific and medical evidence that proves the medical efficacy of any substance, primarily cannabis in this point.

This destroys the kind of America I was taught as a child. Now that I am 54 I am ashamed and frightened as to the state of the so called free world my son is inheriting. I qualify as a MMJ patient in the states where it is legal, unfortunately I live in Iowa where Rep Tom Harkin (D-Ia) says, "If you smoke marijuana you will find yourself huddled in a corner willing to sell your children for just one more hit of marijuana." This is part of his "War On Drugs" form letter.

Lumping marijuana in with heroin, cocaine and meth goes against scientific and medical fact. We must remove these "Reefer Madness" politicians so truth will come out and prejudice will be exposed and destroyed. People will no longer have to suffer needlessly or be imprisoned or live in fear of it for the use of the proven very safe and theraputic herb called cannabis.

- In California, where a voter referendum legalized medical marijuana years ago, DAs in conservative counties who don't like the state's law have been handing over medical marijuana cases to US attorneys for federal prosecution. Recently, medical marijuana dispensaries all over the state have been shut down by federal agents, creating a shortage of the medicine for many patients.

- I doubt the idiot cops that enforce this shit lose any sleep over the terror the are spreading


- Don't know about the spring snow being much of a problem---spring snows are a normal occurrence. What wreaked havoc on our hives was the two to three week stretch of near seventy degree weather during January. That was enough to get the bees stirring about and hunting for forage that was nowhere to be found. No telling how much of the hives winter stores were wasted on those futile flights. Three successive waves of prolonged ice storms in February followed by endless rain March didn't improve the situation.


- Daddy Madison, You inspired us all. Inside the House of Prayer and out. I thank you for all you've done for me and my family. I know that Daddy McCullough is welcoming you home, Singing - "Sit down and rest a little while". You will always be missed. Love, your child of god

- Daddy Madison, A great leader you were and we will never forget the love and dedication you had the House of Prayer and all of its members. We love you for all that you have contributed to our spiritual and natural growth. You have done as promised, served until your last days. Rest in peace. We will miss you deeply.

- Thank you, Daddy Madison for everything you have done as our bishop and are father in the gospel. My life has changed completely because you taught me to have trust and the belief in the almighty god. Your teachings will always stay with me, I know you are still here and you will always be with me, so I say thank you Daddy for everything you have done for me, thank you for allowing me to become a maid.


- Oh! That totally explains Keith Moon.

- And Ringo Starr.


Bush proudly admits his personal approval of the USA's criminal acts of torture and barbarism. You've got a damned confession, Obomba, of crimes against humanity and international law. No need to launder Bush's crimes the way Clinton laundered Iran-Contra. - Dept. of Historical Amnesia


- Perhaps biologists who want both to study and to sell a new syllogism can collaborate with economists who wrestle with questions of criteria for discreteness and what weight can be attached to endogenous variables. The epigenetic focus is heartening: developmentalist Eric Erikson toyed with epigenetic concepts as metaphors (maybe more than metaphors?) with epigenesis culminating in practical, working ratios of developmental trust v. mistrust, autonomy v. shame, etc., and he held these features adaptive. - Jim


- About 15 years ago my son, then 16, decided that my child support payments coupled with a similar monthly sum from his mother, would be enough to provide separate support for himself and his girlfriend in a manner to which they wanted to become accustomed. They found a bottom feeding attorney and a family court "hearing officer" who were happy to play this charade.

Although the outcome was never in doubt, it took hefty retainers from both my ex and myself to put an end to that legal farce. I discovered that there are indeed "attorneys" who hang around family court just waiting to be appointed to a case. Combining the subpoena power of one, with the exquisite sensitivities and incredible fantasies of the other is not unlike handing a loaded revolver to a toddler. I am just glad that there was existing case law on the matter, and that I did not get dragged into the County Supreme Court.


- I fear Hillary's followers almost as much as I do her. They spring to her defense at any perceived slight regardless of if the criticism is warranted or not. They come across as delusional whereas Sen. Clinton mostly comes across as incompetent and conniving. Sen. Obama may not be the perfect candidate but he's shown far more character and coherence. His campaign has amplified all the shortcomings of the Clinton campaign.


- Pope Benedict was able to get a visa to travel in the United States even though he has spent a major part of his career diligently climbing the corporate ladder of a supposedly religious organization that incubates , shelters, and protects serial child abusers, all the wretched while bearing thoroughly false witness against any victim who survives intact enough to breathe a word about the crimes. Throw the bum out. - John A. Joslin ( Detroit ex-catholic)


- Perhaps now, during your victory lap, you'll be able to tell us what exactly it was during their money-losing investment in Whitewater that the Clintons did that was illegal. And why was Jim McDougal's wife kept in prison without charges for years? If you did you would be ahead of the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as Ken Starr. 80 million bucks for some super-secret soft porn, suitable for the moral outrage of the likes of Congress, upright men like Larry Craig, Lindsay Graham and David Vitter.

- What did the Clintons do that wasn't illegal in those days? Get a clue. All politicians and other members of the wealthy elite break economic laws as often as necessary to further their greed and lust for power. The trick has always been getting one's hands on the proof. The problem, Ken Starr faced, of course, was that far too many of the most egregious crimes of the Clintons were committed in support of illegal activities being carried out by the FBI and CIA.


- Give us a break. A hook is a motif is a theme is a subject. Let us not confuse elaboration of thematic material for the theme itself. Rarely does any composition consist of thematic material extending beyond two or four measures.

Take a gander at Barlow & Morgenstern's Dictionary of Musical Themes---The Music of more than 10,000 Themes. Thumbing through my own well worn copy, it is clear that hardly any of the major works identified require more than two or three measures of notation to define their themes.

Nothing has really changed. As BB King once described it late at night/early one morning at a 21 table in Reno, "You know, it's all the same."

The Beeb was right. The music is still there for those with ears to hear.

- Crap will always have its defenders.

- A hook might qualify as a theme, but it is a theme that is not used or developed. It is simply repeated over and over, sometimes ad infinitum without change. An important part of melody is varying the themes.

- Repeated sometimes ad infinitum? Can you say "Bolero"?

- Allow me to introduce you to a word you may be unfamiliar with, 'ostinato'. The Harvard Dictionary of Music defines it as: "A short musical pattern that is repeated persistently throughout a performance or composition or a section of one. Repetition of this type is found in musical cultures throughout the world and is especially characteristic of the music of Africa, whence its presence in much folk and popular music elsewhere (e.g., rock) and in some 20th-century Western art music."

"In the 20th-century, the ostinato emerges as a central element in both variation and non-variation works. Nearly every major composer of the century, and especially of the first half, wrote a passacaglia, in which the ostinato may be treated either with unprecedented freedom or with literal repetition. And with Stravinsky, the melodic-rhythmic ostinato finds its most memorable formulations, as in Le Sacre Du Printemps, Symphony of Psalms, and Symphony in Three Movements."


- No one has thought what the impact on the victim of such a decision would be. Child rape victims are especially prone to guilt feelings as if they caused their own victimization. Were the perpetrator executed, they would feel like they caused a death. This happened to Maya Angelou when her attacker was killed. She did not speak for several years because she felt her voice had caused a murder. - Katherine van Wormer, Professor of Social Work, University of Northern Iowa


- Thank you Sam for that. Obama is sadly a politician of our times and that means elitist and a metrosexual. I hate all the choices. There is not one still running I can stand. I was an Edwards supporter. - Beth

- Sam's World: The Clintons are the sum of all evil. Better George W. Bush or anyone else on earth than a Clinton. Then, contrary to all rules of reason, along comes a candidate who shows real potential to defeat the despised Hillary. So, of course, Sam will support Obama. Wrong! Sam will vilify Obama with strings of nitpicks, timing his tirades to be as helpful as possible to Hillary. Electing Hillary, or, rather, nominating her, is key to Sam's plan of ultimately destroying the Democratic Party, as being beyond repair. To understand Sam, you have to think like the Russians who overthrew Kerensky as not being pure enough. If we can just keep the execrable Republicans in power, we can overthrow the government entirely and destroy all existing parties.

When France did this, when Russia did this, when Cassius and Brutus did this, it didn't work out so well. Never mind. When Great Britain's government evolved slowly without great violence over an extended period, it did work out fairly well, as well as you can expect in a screwed up world. Now, just when Sam's dream of continued Republican hold on the White House seemed doomed, along comes new hope. The sound of trumpets, the clatter of hooves, it's Sam's Beau Ideal Ralph Nader riding in to insure, once again, a Republican in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Sam says in some circles Nader is blamed for facilitating W.'s presidency. Are there any other circles which hold a different view? Yes; it's the Circle of Sam and Ralph, who with Jesuitical skill blandly turn reason and fact on their heads and expect all we dum-dums to follow.

I suspect Obama is more progressive than generally appears. It is smart at this time to stay just a little to the left of Hillary. If I am wrong, he still remains the best game in town.

If you will go back and actually read the piece, you will see that it says, "Obama's not a corrupt and conniving cad nor a decrepit warrior looking for another dogfight, so it looks like he's the best we're going to get." It is generally a good idea in politics that when you've got someone saying something like that not to launch a tirade against him for failing to be enthusiastic enough. You should be at least as polite towards such voters as Obama is with Clinton. In the end, I can live with Obama; it's his supporters that scare the shit out of me - Sam


At April 17, 2008 10:20 PM, Anonymous robbie said...

Where is Obama "a little to the left" of Hillary?

At April 18, 2008 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nader is the best game in town.


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