Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

NY POST, 2001 Ties between the pardoned and the pardoner:

Linda Medlar Jones: fraud and obstruction of justice in Cisneros case. Was Cisneros' lover

Roger Clinton: conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Bill's half–brother

Tom Bhakta: tax evasion. His family gave $5,000 to Hillary's campaign Outcome: Pardoned

Almon Glenn Braswell: Vitamin peddler convicted of mail fraud and perjury. Hillary's brother Hugh Rodham lobbied for pardon.

Carlos Vignali Offense: cocaine trafficking. Hugh Rodham lobbied for him

John Bustamante: fraudulently obtaining a loan and stealing from a woman's estate. Former adviser to Clinton friend Jesse Jackson

Melvin Reynolds: bank fraud and having sex with underage staffer. Jesse Jackson asked Clinton for commutation.

Henry Cisneros: lying in independent counsel probe. Served in Bill Clinton's Cabinet

Dorothy Rivers Offense: Embezzled federal aid for homeless children. Jesse Jackson associate.

John Deutch: security violations. Served Bill Clinton at CIA

Robert Clinton Fain and James Lowell Manning: tax charges. William Cunningham, Hillary's Senate campaign treasurer, acted as their lawyer.

Susan McDougal: fraud in Whitewater scandal; refusal to testify against Bill Clinton. Longtime friend and Whitewater partner of the Clintons.

Edward R. Downe Jr.: securities fraud. Hillary donor.

Alvarez Ferrouillet laundering money to cover loan for congressional campaign of Mike Espy's brother. Espy was Clinton's agriculture secretary; petition was pushed by Clinton pal Terry McAuliffe

Ronald H. Blackley: Former Espy chief–of–staff convicted of making false statements related to Espy probe. Espy asked for clemency 27–month sentence commuted along with those of four others convicted of lesser charges in Espy probe

Arnold Paul Prosperi: Convicted in 1997 of filing false tax returns and using fake bank records to hide embezzlement. College buddy of Clinton.

Peg Bargon: Possessing eagle feather that her son found in a zoo. She gave feather to Hillary Clinton.

Charles D. Ravenel: bank–fraud conspiracy. Clinton friend since 1980.

Richard Riley Jr.: federal drug charges. Son of Clinton's education secretary.

Stephen A. Smith and Robert Palmer: charges related to Whitewater. Smith was former Clinton aide; Palmer worked as appraiser on Whitewater.

Christopher V. Wade: Whitewater bankruptcy fraud. One of the original developers of Clintons' Whitewater.

Marc Rich: 50 felony counts, including tax evasion of $48 million. Former Clinton counsel Jack Quinn urged Bill Clinton to grant pardon; ex–wife, Denise, a major Clinton donor

John Fife Symington III: false statements to obtain loans. Longtime Clinton friend; once saved Bill's life in boating mishap.

Harvey Weinig: Helped launder at least $19 million for drug cartel. A relative, former White House aide David Dreyer, asked Clinton confidants for clemency.


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