Monday, May 12


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years

DAVID SCHIPPERS, FORMER LEAD COUNSEL, CLINTON IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: .I am convinced that one of the reasons we weren't able to get our trial in the Senate was because some of the material in Filegate was used to, shall we say, coerce some of the members. . . I will tell anybody who will listen that I think we reaped the whirlwind of Filegate in the Senate and in the attitude of some of the leaders and some of the people in the Senate. People that we thought we could rely upon just sat on their hands and I don't know what was in those files but I could guess. . .

Filegate refers to the acquisition and use by the Clinton White House of 400-900 FBI files on people such as James Baker, Brent Scowcroft and Marlin Fitzwater. The files were handled by Craig Livingstone, whose total previous experience in security was as a bar bouncer. The Clinton administration refused to explain how Livingstone obtained such as important security job. Some believed he was hired by, and reported to, Hillary Clinton although this was never proven.

RICHARD FRANKLIN - At the crime scene, Park Police officer John Rolla searched [Vince] Foster's pockets for personal effects. Officers Cheryl Braun and Christine Hodakievic watched while Rolla carefully searched Foster's front and back pockets. Rolla found nothing. Foster's wallet and credit cards were found in his Honda, but his car keys were missing. One of the most remarkable aspects of the crime-scene investigation is that the absence of the car keys never dampened the operative suicide conclusion.

Later that evening, Braun and Rolla went to the morgue to search Foster's pockets a second time. Presumably they were ordered to so. Upon arriving, Braun immediately found two key rings in Foster's right front pocket. One ring had four keys. How did Rolla miss them the first time? Two key rings with six keys inside a front pocket should have presented a bulky outline. Even a simple police "pat down" should have been enough to discover the keys. Who ordered Braun and Rolla to the morgue to look for the keys a second time? Why was this order given?

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW Mr. Foster's body was found at Fort Marcy Park with his car but without any car keys. Later that evening William Kennedy and Craig Livingstone showed up at the morgue and so did Mr. Foster's car keys. There are conflicting reports in the record about when Kennedy and Livingstone and the U.S. Park Police arrived at the morgue.