Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Nostalgic moments from the Clinton years. With almost perfect timing we come to the end of our tribute to the Clinton years even as Hillary Clinton seems to be coming to the end of her campaign.

DAILY MAIL, UK: Bill Clinton bid a reluctant farewell to the White House on Saturday, taking an unprecedented $200,000 worth of furnishings to remember it by. The items included works of art, chinaware and rugs - many of them gifts from the ex-president's supporters in Hollywood - amassed during his eight years in office.

DRUDGE REPORT: The Bush Administration has quietly launched an investigation into apparent acts of vandalism and destruction of federal property - after incoming Bush staffers discover widespread sabotage of White House office equipment and lewd messages left behind by previous tenants . . . The damage left by departing Clintonites goes "way beyond pranks, to vandalism", said a close Bush adviser . . . According to sources, so far Bush officials have found: Phone lines were cut . . . Voice mail messages were changed to obscene, scatological greetings . . . Many phone lines misdirected to other government offices . . . Desks found turned completely upside down and trash deliberately left everywhere . . . Computer printers that were filled with blank paper but interspersed with pornographic pictures and obscene slogans that would be revealed only as items were run off the computer . . . 'W' keys weren't just pried off more than 40 keyboards, some were glued on with Superglue; some were turned upside down and glued on . . . Filing cabinets glued shut . . . VP Office space in the Old Executive Office Building found in complete shambles. Mrs. Gore had to phone Mrs. Cheney to apologize . . . Lewd Magic Marker graffiti found on one office hallway.

DAVID WASTELL, LONDON SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Former President Clinton is offering to repay the cost of vandalism by his outgoing staff when they left their offices on Jan. 20, once he is given a complete list from the Bush White House of the damage reportedly done . . . President Bush has ordered that no action be taken against officials of Mr. Clinton and Al Gore, the former vice president, in effect granting his first presidential "pardon." Mr. Bush's order was an attempt to calm the massive uproar in the media over reported theft and damage in the White House that was beginning to overshadow the opening days of his administration and sour relations with his predecessor.

THE LAST WORD I feel sometimes defending President Clinton is like being in the Mafia - you just can't get out. You know, I'm like Michael Corleone. How do I get out of this business?" - James Carville on the Bill O'Reilly show


At May 14, 2008 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The GSA found no more damage than could be attributable to normal wear and tear over an 8 year period.

The WH refused to document their claims of damage and looting with any inventory of the damage or photographs.

The bottom line is that both the looting and vandalism charges were made up by political partisans at the Bush WH (we've all since learned what monumental liars they are), these RNC/WH tall tales typed up by stenographers masquerading as journalists, and marketed to the country.

Some reasonable reporting debunked all these claims, and I challenge Undernews to link to and summarize these corrections to these unfounded smears, which have no corroboration than the statements of WH personnel like then-WH spokesman/press secretary Ari Fleisher.

Phillip Schuman


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