Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sam Smith

THE PREMEDITATED and politically convenient stupidity of Barack Obama's position on negotiating with Hamas is another sign that everything is not as the pundits and groupies would have us believe. If one does not negotiate with Hamas, with whom does one negotiate an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict? The answer implicit in Obama's approach is that one doesn't. You just let it fester or hope the Palestinians will give up their annoying demands for decency or get wiped out.

It is worth recalling what one man brave enough to actually talk with Hamas, Jimmy Carter, came up with during his brief recent efforts. As reported by Carter:

  • Hamas will accept any agreement negotiated by Mr. Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel provided it is approved either in a Palestinian referendum or by an elected government. Hamas's leader, Khaled Meshal, has reconfirmed this, although some subordinates have denied it to the press.
  • When the time comes, Hamas will accept the possibility of forming a nonpartisan professional government of technocrats to govern until the next elections can be held.
  • Hamas will also disband its militia in Gaza if a nonpartisan professional security force can be formed
  • Hamas will accept a mutual cease-fire in Gaza, with the expectation (not requirement) that this would later include the West Bank

This is how peace is achieved. Small steps towards sanity.

It is also worth recalling that the Israel-Palestine crisis was a major impetus for the creation of Al Qaeda, which led to the disasters of 9/11 and the exorbitantly futile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our treatment of Palestine has been one of the most masochistic American policies of modern times and Obama offers us no relief.


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You're full of shit!


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