Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The inspector general for the Defense Department said that the Pentagon cannot account for almost $15 billion worth of goods and services ranging from trucks, bottled water and mattresses to rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns that were bought from contractors in the Iraq reconstruction effort. . . "When we turned them over to the Iraqis, they weren't properly accounted for," said Gary Comerford, a spokesman for the Defense Department's inspector general, saying serial numbers were not consistently recorded. "The paper trail is not complete." Washington Post

Those trying to find out who Barack Obama really is might want to add this, from Australian Broadcasting into the mix: "He is one of America's most famous neo-conservatives and his ideas on the spread of democracy have informed the Bush administration's foreign policy. But Francis Fukuyama, the author of The End of History and Professor of International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins University, is now a sharp critic of US President George W Bush and has even come out as a supporter of Democrat frontrunner Barack Obama for president."

Barack Obama has moved from being a prophet to being a full fledged psychic, saying during a weekend speech, " On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."

Folksinger and storyteller Utah Phillips, a "national treasure" if there ever was one, died last Friday, May 23. His performances featured the songs, jokes and lore of hobos, tramps, cowboys, migrant workers and Wobblies. Although he made a number of fine recordings, he was most truly in his element in live performances, where he knew how to draw the audience into a song or story and would leave us cracking up with laughter at some outrageous punch line that would unexpectedly pop up in the middle of his apparently rambling reminiscences. VIDEO FROM A UTAH PHILLIPS PERFORMANCE


At May 27, 2008 6:22 PM, Anonymous Charles Douglas said...

This so-called “cinch” of the Green Party nomination is a perversion of the Green value (in name only) of Grassroots Democracy.

Ralph Nader got 61% of the vote in her so-called home state of California, yet our delegates are ignoring the will of our own voters? Most of these “state parties” unlike the one in CA are mostly on paper and meet in living rooms and garages with a handful of people getting more delegate votes than thousands of Green voters.

McKinney loses when it comes to Green voters and for the rigged Green convention to steal the nomination from Nader for a second time running only confirms the bankruptcy of the Greens as a political force in this country. It’s a total replay of the disaster of 2004 when David Cobb, who finished third place in CA (and fourth place with 11% of the vote in his fake home county of Humboldt, losing even to Lorna Salzman, who has never stepped foot in Humboldt). David Cobb nearly destroyed the Greens that year, and now his minions are finishing the job.

I had intended to attend the Green convention in Chicago this year, if at least to give voice to the Greens in Humboldt who would otherwise be betrayed in their clear and consistent preference for Nader. But if this convention is rigged before I even get there with paper tiger state parties under a rigged electoral college-style system overturning the will of Green voters, then why bother? Congratulations Greens, you’ve finally driven a 12-year Green organizer right out of your corrupted and useless party.

Charles Douglas
Nader/Gonzalez Elector, California
Delegate (in protest), GP Convention 2008
State Coordinating Committee, GP of CA, 1997-2000
GP of Humboldt County Council, 1998-99, 2004-05


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