Friday, May 2, 2008


RICHARD SILVERSTEIN, TIKUN OLAM In the Jewish community, the mud [against Obama] has been slung fast and furiously for months now. The latest comes from a major leader in the Los Angeles Jewish community who is a Clinton "bundler" (in the words of Variety's political blog), Daphna Ziman. She attended a fundraising event addressed by the local director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (and also a black minister). Ziman accused the minister of blaming Jews for the negative portrayal of blacks in Hollywood films. In a subsequent e-mail sent to 50,000 of her "closest" Jewish confidants by way of the mailing list of the pro-Israel group, Stand With Us, Ziman called him an anti-Semite and linked him to Rev. Wright. In a separate e-mail, she claimed that Obama's "movement is out to destroy us [Jews]." This incident was further amplified by the right-wing online news outlet, Pajamas Media and the Republican Jewish Coalition. Clinton's campaign hasn't said a word about Ziman's outburst (which wasn't the first time she expressed what I call Jewish Obamaphobia). When the Clinton campaign winks at such hysteria, aided and abetted by Republican groups and conservative media outlets, it makes you wonder just whose side is she on (and just who is on her side)?


At May 4, 2008 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You jumped on the bandwagon when the same people, playing the guilt by association game, smeared Ron Paul as a bigot. Now it's your candidate's turn.


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