Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Among the National Trust for Historic Preservation's list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places is the entire California parks system, and by extension, state parks throughout the nation. California was the focus because Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had suggested closing 48 parks because of a budget shortfall, an idea which he has since taken off the table. But the ailing infrastructure at and flagging investment in state parks is an issue that affects states across the country, National Trust president Richard Moe told USA Today. Daily Green

David Houle - I speak to 2-4 groups of CEOs every month. As a futurist, I am increasingly being asked by these groups about what the future of energy looks like as most businesses are getting whacked by the dramatic rise in energy prices. When they hear that high energy prices are the new normal, they groan. I immediately launch into strategies that they can immediately implement that will not only lower costs, but will also mobilize employees and allow them to promote to customers and suppliers that they are being green.

The first thing to do is to conduct an energy audit, usually provided by the local energy company, and if not them, then an energy audit firm. Establish the baseline of energy consumption on an annual basis for every facility. The next step is to mobilize the employees to help lower energy use. For example, if a company spent $100,000 last year on electricity, set the goal of $85,000 for this year. State that the company will split savings 50/50 with the employees. So, if electric costs are lowered by $15,000 then $7,500 will go to the employees as a year end ‘conservation bonus'. The company will save the same amount. It will amazing how much more lights will get turned off when people leave rooms. I promise the CEOs that they all have someone at the company that will immediately get involved and work to mobilize the other employees. Scientific Blogging