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Another scoop from Jerry Seper of the Washington Times, one of the best reporters on the Clinton scandal stories. The papers confirm a number of items reported by the Progressive Review including the apparent hush money for Webster Hubbell

JERRY SEPER, WASHINGTON TIMES A decade before Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton admitted fudging the truth during the presidential campaign, federal prosecutors quietly assembled hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting she concealed information and misled a federal grand jury about her work for a failing Arkansas savings and loan at the heart of the Whitewater probe, according to once-secret documents that detail the internal debates over whether she should have faced criminal charges.

Ordinarily, such files containing grand jury evidence and prosecutors' deliberations are never made public. But the estate of Sam Dash, a lifelong Democrat who served as the ethics adviser to Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr, donated his documents from the infamous 1990s investigation to the Library of Congress after his 2004 death, unwittingly injecting into the public domain much of the testimony and evidence gathered against Mrs. Clinton from former law partners, White House aides and other witnesses.

The documents, reviewed by The Washington Times, identify numerous instances in which prosecutors questioned Mrs. Clinton's honesty. . .

For instance, the papers say prosecutors thought Mrs. Clinton first concealed her legal representation of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association - and the money she made doing it - during the 1992 presidential campaign when she and her husband, then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, came under fire in a questionable Arkansas real estate project known as Whitewater.

Beginning in March 1992 and continuing over the next several years, Mrs. Clinton steadfastly denied that she ever "earned a penny" in representing her Rose Law Firm clients, including the failing thrift's owners, James and Susan McDougal - the Clintons' partners in the Whitewater Development Corp. project.

But the newly discovered records, more than 1,100 pages in 30 separate documents, tell a different story.

A June 1998 draft indictment of Mrs. Clinton's Rose firm partner Webster L. Hubbell, who followed the Clintons to Washington in 1993 as associate attorney general, said Mrs. Clinton did legal work for Madison "continuously" from April 1985 to July 1986. It also said she represented the thrift before the Arkansas Securities Department for approval to issue preferred stock, helped Madison obtain a questionable broker-dealer license to sell the stock and was actively involved in a failed Madison project known as Castle Grande.

The draft indictment clearly asserts that Mrs. Clinton, despite her denials, represented Madison and its projects "in a series of real estate and financial transactions." A separate 183-page report included in the Dash documents said Mr. Hubbell and Mrs. Clinton "concealed from federal investigators the true nature of their work" with Madison and its various entities.

Clinton campaign spokesman Jay Carson disputed the allegations. "This is a baseless accusation which was looked into over a decade ago in an investigation that took $71.5 million and eight years to determine there was no case," he said. . .

In April 1998, Whitewater prosecutors, divided over Mrs. Clinton's truthfulness, argued over whether to indict her on charges of lying under oath about her legal work for Madison. Lawyers and others close to the probe said a draft indictment of the first lady became "a work in progress" after Mrs. Clinton's January 1996 grand jury appearance in U.S. District Court in Washington.

Prosecutors concluded at the time, the sources said, that she had testified falsely in denying doing legal work in the Castle Grande venture.

"There is concern among some about how successful they might be in bringing a criminal indictment against Mrs. Clinton for obvious reasons, but there is no lack of desire to do so," one lawyer familiar with the probe said at the time. The lawyer said the decision rested on two major points: whether there was sufficient evidence to contradict her sworn testimony and, more importantly, whether prosecutors could win the case in court.

No indictment was sought, but Whitewater prosecutors noted at the time, according to the Dash documents, that sworn statements by Mrs. Clinton were contradictory and misleading and that her involvement with Madison"s failed real estate project known as Castle Grande project was only fully detailed with the discovery of her Rose firm billing record summaries in the White House living quarters in January 1996 - two years after they had been subpoenaed.

A week before the summaries were found, the Resolution Trust Corp. said in a Dec. 28, 1995, report it had little information on Mrs. Clinton's ties to Madison or Castle Grande. After their discovery, the agency concluded Mrs. Clinton was more involved with the two entities than was previously known.

The summaries said Mrs. Clinton billed Madison for 60 hours of legal work, spoke with Madison officials about the Castle Grande project on 14 occasions, discussed legal matters with Madison's owners - the McDougals - 16 times, had 28 meetings with Rose firm lawyers on Madison, and met with state regulators about Madison at least twice.

At the time, Madison was seeking help from Mrs. Clinton's Rose Law Firm in Little Rock to fend off state and federal regulators concerned that the thrift was insolvent. Madison also wanted to jump-start a questionable preferred stock deal to pump much-needed cash into the operation and was desperate to keep the government from shutting it down. . .

In a report titled "Hubbell Hush Money Summary," Whitewater investigators said that a day before Mr. Hubbell quit, Mrs. Clinton and other top administration officials met privately at the White House to arrange for him to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees at a time his cooperation in the Whitewater probe could have resulted in charges against the then-first lady.

The records said Mrs. Clinton took an active role in White House efforts to "take care of" Mr. Hubbell financially, helping to locate campaign supporters who divvied up more than $450,000 over the next nine months mostly for consulting work he never did. . .

Mr. Hubbell pleaded guilty in December 1994 to mail fraud and income-tax evasion in the theft of $482,410 from his Rose firm clients and partners and failing to pay $143,747 in taxes. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison, serving 16 before being released.

The Whitewater probe ended on March 21, 2002, when Independent Counsel Robert W. Ray, who succeeded Mr. Starr, concluded in a final report there was "insufficient evidence" to bring charges against the Clintons. But the report also said statements by the Clintons to investigators were "factually inaccurate" and that White House delays in the production of evidence and the "unmeritorious litigation" by its lawyers "severely impeded the investigation's progress."


At May 13, 2008 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. Hillary Clinton is not likeable.
2. Hillary Clinton is more interested in her own power than America or the goals of her party.
3. She is not generally an honest person.
4. She has a poor sense of humor.
5. She has a shallow sense of loyalty, excepting for relationships beneficial to herself and the accumulation of her power.
6. She is venal.
7. She has little political experience outside of being First Lady and a carpet bagging Senator in another state where she has spent little time.
8. She shows willingness to tolerate immoral and illegal conduct if it benefits her.
9. She is not inspiring leader.
10. Hillary Clinton is secretive and unwilling to be forthright in most matters.
11. She is a lawyer with a poor sense of justice and little regard for the Constitution.
12. She is willing to twist clear meaning of the Constitution and other laws, just to enhance her own power.
13. She has influenced the Clinton Administration to put unsuitable persons in office.
14. She has influenced the Clinton Administration to unjustly dismiss good civil servants for improper reasons to replace them with persons loyal to her.
15. She was implicated in the mysterious death of her law partner.Vincent Foster, and the unscrupulous events of its aftermath at the White House.
16. She shows contemptuous disdain for those who do not agree with her completely.
17. Hillary Clinton is a feminist with a low opinion of the traditional wife and mother.
18. Hillary Clinton has shown disrespect and aversion toward the U. S. military.
19. She is not inspirational and does not inspire patriotism in others.
20. Hillary Clinton is a political flip-flopper, blowing with the latest favorable wind.
21. She lacks charm and charisma in excepting in staged situations.
22. She was never a military veteran and shows no ability promote esprit, so as to command men in a dangerous military crisis.
23. She has had many willing associations with persons having criminal histories.
24. Hillary Clinton has made extensive use of bullies, government employees and private police against imagined enemies, public and private.
25. She has been involved in numerous episodes of illegal election practices.
26. She is married to an impeached President, a man of low character, a disbarred lawyer and perpetual adulterer.
27. She has used government property and resources for her own personal benefit.
28. She has allowed her brothers to be involved in questionable activity exploiting the Clinton Administration’s use of official pardons.
29. She has failed to maintain propriety in matters appearing to be indirect bribes to herself and her husband.
30. She does not consider open homosexuality to be unseemly or immoral.
31. She allowed the White House to be trashed and items to be misappropriated upon her departure.
32. Hillary Clinton is deeply distrusted by Secret Service agents, a palpably negative recommendation for any future Chief Executive.
33. Personnel appointments made at her behest were generally disastrous to her husband’s Administration and to the country. She is a poor judge of people.
34. She has few accomplishments as a US Senator. She has a mediocre record as a legislator, lacking innovation and consistency with her public pronouncements.
35. Her one executive commission, national health care reform in the early 1990s, was an enormous debacle, exposing her personal ineptitude and furtiveness.
36. She has shown insufficient understanding of the worldwide terrorist menace.
37. Hillary Clinton will gladly raise taxes on the middle class.
38. She is an advocate of bigger government of a more a draconian character.
39. She did not prevent her husband’s Administration from using the IRS to persecute women with whom he had been sexually involved.
40. She is in favor of abortion on demand, including Partial Birth Abortion.
41. She insulted Tammy Wynette.
42. She is in favor of regulating the Internet.
43. She is unwilling to take a chance, especially in the cause of liberty.
44. Hillary Clinton is always safely scripted, so no unexpected questions will be ever be answered; little will be learned of her real positions.
45. She has no guiding principles, other than her own opportunities.
46. Hillary Clinton claims that she is “not a liberal.”
47. She has a shrill, scolding voice.
48. Hillary Clinton does not command respect of a majority of American men.
49. She has a poor grasp of economics.
50. She has a voting record, which strongly supports Socialist positions, and a pro-Marxian philosophy.
51. Her writings have embraced Marxist ideology and a destructive social revolution.
52. She shows little respect for property rights, excepting her own.
53. Hillary Clinton would make America appear weak before our allies and enemies.
54. She shows distain for the Bill of Rights, particularly the 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments.
55. She favors appointment of judges who would twist constitutional principles.
56. She has demonstrated no background for managing large or small institutions.
57. She has poor interpersonal skills.
58. Hillary Clinton has a bad memory.
59. She favors infringement of the Second Amendment in every manner possible.
60. She lacks religious conviction, but will pretend religiosity when expedient.
61. She shows a very nasty disposition, if criticized or frustrated.
62. Hillary Clinton has no common touch with most ordinary Americans.
63. She has maintained a cadre of public employees whose sole purpose was to deflect criticism, investigate her imagined enemies, and spin her good press.
64. She favors amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States.
65. She has no vision for America’s future beyond attainment of the presidency.
66. Hillary Clinton has not supported the war in Iraq beyond voting for it and sustaining it financially, a contradiction of pricipal.
67. She has undermined the prosecution of the Iraqi war in many ways, for personal political advantage, giving comfort to our enemies.
68. She has no plan for the successful resolution to our position in the Middle East.
69. She has never held a real job not connected to government or Bill Clinton’s legal interests in Arkansas. She has little executive experience, even at the lowest level.
70. She has been unwilling to allow exposure of tax returns and government documents generated in her tenure as First Lady in Arkansas and Washington.
71. She claimed she made $100,000 from a $1,000 investment in cattle futures within days by reading the Wall Street Journal…thereby concealing an obvious bribe.
72. Hilary Clinton used confidential FBI files, government databases and sensitive public records to form an Enemies List for personal and political uses.
73. She has actively encouraged felons and persons of bad character to solicit massive amounts of funds for her from questionable and illegal sources.
74. She is married to a former president who would destabilize her administration by confusing loyalties and continuity of control and management.
75. She has purposely allowed innocent women, importuned and sexually harassed by her husband to be publicly maligned and persecuted for her political advantage
76. Hilary Clinton is unable to handle real criticism and personal pressure.
77. Her involvement in a disreputable real estate scam with people of poor character lead her to actively cover up improprieties, harm investors and lie to officials
78. She is a political bully, willing to allow intimidation and blackmail of her detractors, imagined enemies and journalists to affect favorable outcomes.
79. Hilary Clinton is not a woman of principle, but a triangulator like her husband, without his ability to portray the impression of principle when things unravel.
80. She is not generally trusted, and this trait is anathema in a national crisis.
81. She would allow massive numbers of illegal aliens to come into our country, depleting our resources and breaking our laws, for her political advantage.
82. She voted against English as being America’s official language.
83. Exhibiting a dreadful temper, she has thrown articles at her husband and government staff, and shows an inability to control her bad language and behavior
84. She never admits flaws and seldom shows her human side.
85. After sucking it dry for all press value possible, she then dumped the First Cat, Socks, on Betty Currie, as soon as she left the White House.
86. Contrary to most laws, Hilary Clinton wants a special holiday declared for elections, allowing anyone without identification or with a felony record to vote.
87. She is never what she seems: she is highly scripted; costumed and botoxed; ever ready to use planted questioners, coached journalists and a revised autobiography.
88. Hilary is a stubborn person, compromising only for personal reasons.
89. She has undermined the feminist cause, when doing so is politically experdient.
90. She is obsessed with secrecy. Whatever the reasons, this is a poor Presidential trait, which could lead to undemocratic practices, and illegal cover up.
91. She has a paranoid streak, unseemly and dangerous for a person heading the most powerful nuclear state on the planet.
92. Hilary Clinton lacks a sense of honor.
93. Her terms as a US Senator are totally unremarkable and mainly self-serving.
94. She voted against a Partial Birth Abortion ban, essentially legalizing the murder of live babies. A president’s primary duty is to protect life and liberty.
95. Her Clinton Administration, like previous ones, would be mired again in embarrassing sexual scandals, corruption charges and distractions from goals.
96. Once instituted as Commander-in-Chief, she would be unwilling to strengthen and uphold those in uniform, much less ever learn to salute them properly.
97. She is essentially against free trade with foreign countries and deeply misunderstands capital flow.
98. A future Hilary Clinton Administration will be compromised by questionable campaign donations from criminals and anti-American foreign contributors.
99. Hillary Clinton says she would not have started the war in Iraq and would end it immediately. Yet she has always voted oppositely and expediently.
100. As with some other far-left Democrats, Hillary’s “change” would be Marxist in nature, and lead to the loss of Americans’ personal liberties and national pride.


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