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Please Mr. Sam, John Hagee an extremist? He simply preaches the gospel.


- This is just show that the Americans have an incredibly silly attitude towards prostitution...

- The Postal Service wasn't the only ones trying to get into Ms. Palfrey's home illegally. I am one of Ms. Palfrey's neighbors in Vallejo. In the summer of 2003 or 2004, I caught a couple of guys trying to push her front door open one evening. When they couldn't get in they went to her side window and tried to raise it. At that point I told them to stop and get out of here. They continued trying to get in, acting like they didn't hear me. As I approached I told them to get out of here or I'll call the police. One of the two clean cut business-casual dressed men told me they were the police. When asked for their badges they threatened me with arrest. At no time did they show a badge. Additionally, they did not look like the Vallejo PD. I left and called a friend on the Vallejo PD. He told me there were no VPD operations in the area.

It took two weeks to make contact with Ms. Palfrey to let her know about the incident. She did not seem concerned in the least, which I found unusual considering she lived alone.

- Hanging can be a nearly instantaneous death if done correctly---short rope, long fall, broken neck and immediate unconsciousness. However, I'm reluctant to believe this hanging death had anything to do with suicide. And, maybe the way it was implemented possibly did lead to a slow, tortuous death. If that was indeed the case, I'm willing to wager that it had more to do with sadism than ineptitude, which is to say the correct description for this crime ought to be murder.

- Hollywood style suicide hangings are celluloid fiction. Even those done by practiced executioners using the military height/weight tables for computing the drop all too often have gone awry. It is not only the drop, but also the correct placement and fall of the knot which lead to the jerking of the neck sideways, a clean break and near instantaneous death. From a description of the execution of the so called "Young Turks" in Angora: "Dr. Nazim Pasha's executioner, a man of skill, drew the noose tight under one ear. Ensued "a perfect hanging." The head, jerked to one side by the knot, snapped the neck vertebra, bringing instant death. Less fortunate was Deputy Hilmi Bey. His hangman, a clumsy lout, was forced to hang him twice."

- Exit strategy. . .Yeah, everybody talks like that, everybody that does black bag dirty tricks for the powerful in government that is.


- In this day and age, whether some of us want to admit to or not, 'Sundown Towns' still exist. It is unfortunate and pathetic, but otherwise still apart of this supposedly 'equal' society of ours. The basis of the book is to shine light on what was done in the past, what is currently going on in the present day, to become more active now and in the future in putting an end to this arbitrary foolishness that stemmed from some very ignorant, half-witted individuals.


- I think brother Neil Bush, whose company created and marketed the reading program, can actually read, unlike his more famous sibling. I doubt the fact that the product has proven worthless will result in the refund of any of our tax dollars, however.


- You jumped on the bandwagon when the same people, playing the guilt by association game, smeared Ron Paul as a bigot. Now it's your candidate's turn.


- What is it about people's attitudes to teachers in this country? Legislators (and average people) wouldn't dream of telling their doctor, their lawyer, their hairstylist, their gardener, hell, even their cleaning staff how to do their jobs, but when the topic is teaching, suddenly everyone's an expert.

Teachers are professionals, college-educated in their subject areas. And most are highly committed. If the schools are organized right teachers learn how to teach through experience, from their colleagues and most of all from their students. The best thing administrators and legislators could do would be to be respectful and supportive, and to provide the environment where this process can take place. US the best in the world? Not at the public school level, according to the OECD. Canada, Finland, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea consistently top their list. Interestingly, in all these societies, teachers are respected and reasonably well-paid.


- I'll take Ayers over Liddy any day. I'm sure McCain is buds with Ollie North as well.


- While insuring that children do not fill up on junk food and become obese from hollow calories is very important. Feeding children, especially young children low fat diets is extremely dangerous. Children need fats from healthy sources to grow and develop properly, and denying children those valuble fats will cause them serious health consequences.

- Of course we should not discriminate based on a person's size. We should be kind and understanding toward all people. This article presents no evidence for a genetic cause of weight gain. The rapid rise in obesity over the past 20 years demands a non-genetic explanation. Obesity is especially prevalent in particular racial, ethnic, and class groups. Are you prepared to say that these disparities are caused by genes? Wendell Berry has noted that the largest untapped energy reserve in the USA may be in our bodies.


- Let us not forget the million or so Iraqis that have been killed as well as the 4000 Americans.


- "Liberal fundamentalists"? While it may have been these "liberal fundamentalists" who stirred the pot, it was the "corporate dollar-worshippers" that pulled the advertising and got Imus fired. I doubt he would have been fired if the advertisers hadn't scampered away. By the way, those basketball players who were the subject of his derision: don't they count? - Robbie


At May 7, 2008 7:02 PM, Anonymous a confederation of dolts said...

In the sixties , some students started to realise that even at the college level they were paying to learn self-serving myth. Thus was born the "free university" movement wherein knowledgeable students taught their peers. The students who learned nothing from the attempted destruction of Vietnam and the treachery of the American empire were busyness majors and edjacation majors. These mental defectives grew into the dolts who've undermined our constitution and our humanity because their primary motivation in life is to have their Stepford parents kiss it and make it better

At May 10, 2008 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really interesting to read the historcal oversimplifications that pass for 'commentary' here much of the time. Where's your data proving that "the students who learned nothing from the attempted destruction of Vietnam and the treachery of the American empire" were ALL 'business and education majors'? Maybe some of 'em were liberal arts and history majors. Maybe some of 'em were even English majors or majors in early Roman plumbing schematics. Not to defend the "mental defectives" who support war and destruction, but it's somewhat mentally defective to make such a silly, broad and sweeping generalisation 4:02.

At May 12, 2008 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone preaching gospel (in other words, preaching ancient mythology as though it were proven to be absolute truth) is, in my opinion, extremely stupid and extremely dangerous, so I'd say the word applies quite nicely.

Fool of Eris


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