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- - I have not seen a thing about the Muslim vote in '08. In '00, virtually 100% of Muslims voted for Bush because of Lieberman running with Gore. In '04, Muslims voted overwhelmingly for Kerry. Today McCain is unpopular with Muslims and his closeness to Lieberman makes things even worse. All Obama needs to do is stay a little more fair and objective on Israel and work behind the scenes to get Muslims to vote, that hard to do, and he'll gain a tremendous edge. The Jewish vote on the other hand seems divided and likely to stay that way. I know you eschew Machiavelli, but in the real world, he matters.


- - Two days before the Iowa caucus, one forthcoming caucus-goer and neighbor told me something I'd been suspecting for some time. Obama, he reflected, was "a way for liberal and moderate whites around here to pat themselves on the back for not being too prejudiced to vote for a black person." But it was all premised, he agreed, on Obama being a "good," that is non-threatening, middle-class and "not-too fiery" black - one who seemed not to confront institutional white supremacy in any meaningful way. Like the racially conciliatory, white-soothing media mogul and mass marketer Oprah Winfrey (who came through Iowa to stump for him a few weeks before the Caucus), Obama could capitalize on many middle class whites' rejection of "level-one" (state-of-mind) racism (open and conscious bigotry) only because he reassured them he would honor their reluctance to acknowledge the continuing power of deeper, "level two" (state-of-being) - societal and institutional - racism in American life. - BBF

- - Beyond all conceivable odds, Obama has conquered Satan. Can you not cut him a little slack and, like my hero, Howard Zinn, give a few seconds of support while in the voting booth? Did I catch a whiff of 2000 mea culpa when you suggest, that in a close state, a vote for Obama might make more sense than one for Nader? When is Ralph going on SNL to tell self-deprecating ghost-written age jokes? I mean, does he want to win, or is he just having fun? Poor Obama, he wants to win. So he wears the flag and professes belief in the Christian fairy tale. Before you can be president, you have to whore yourself. Then you can have an operation to restore your virginity. Maybe. It's a wonderful country.

- - I was interested by Richard Cowan's thinking on the drug war and personal freedom since he was actually saying something lucid and verifiable. Then I read Steve Kubby's views on personal freedom and government. I was intrigued by Peter McCormick's legal/medical troubles, then later his writings. Then I came across Radley Balko's writing on swat team abuse, then his columns on the Innocence Project. Sam's inference that Libertarians are homophobic wack jobs ala Barr is chicken shit and nauseating. Sam is the hack who is always saying that we should try to find our points of agreement instead of seeking our differences . He should take his own advice.

- - Jewish religious skepticism regarding both god and the supposed 'chosen' status of the Jewish people is not exactly breaking news among us, folks.

- - As a non-Jewish woman who's married to an intelligent, definitely non-fanatical Jewish man, I am getting a bit sick of comments being posted here by ignoramuses who conflate the words "Jew" and "Zionist fanatic" as being interchangeable, who probably have little or no actual understanding of the history of Zionism, and who are simply parroting the thinly-veiled anti-Jewish smears they've read in their so-called "underground" publications, and heard their trendy friends and (sometimes) professors iterate. Intelligent commentary on the Israeli-Palestine situation is always welcome in our house, because we don't believe it's an issue that allows for simplistic, one-dimensional stereotyping, but rather for full analysis in all its varying contexts--and the only real solution is the one that takes those contexts into full account--but too much of what passes for comment on this topic in TPR is racist stereotyping. I would hope the average TPR reader has the good sense to distinguish these nuts from the people who have something of actual merit to say vis-a-vis the subject of the conflict--but there seems to be a significant and very vocal percentage of readers here who use this forum as a soapbox for their own not very well hidden hatreds.

- - Once again, anyone who is actually familiar with the writings of Albert Einstein would be suspicious of one or two isolated statements, taken out of context, and reported without sufficient attribution. In effect, it is only hearsay.

"Nationalities want to pursue their own path, not to blend. A satisfactory state of affairs can only be brought about by mutual toleration and respect. The first step in that direction is that we Jews should once more become conscience of our existence as a nationality and regain the self-respect that is necessary to a healthy existence. We must learn once more to glory in our ancestors and our history and once again take upon ourselves, as a nation, cultural tasks of a sort calculated to strengthen our sense of the community. It is not enough for us to play a part as individuals in the cultural development of the human race; we must also tackle tasks which only nations as a whole can perform. Only so can the Jews regain social health.

"It is from this point of view that I would have you look at the Zionist movement. Today history has assigned to us the task of taking an active part in the economic and cultural reconstruction of our native land. Enthusiasts, men of brilliant gifts, have cleared the way, and many excellent members of our race are prepared to devote themselves heart and soul to the cause. May every one of them fully realize the importance of this work and contribute, according to his powers, to its success!" --Albert Einstein Ideas and Opinions

- - While his position seems indecisive on decriminalizing marijuana, we should keep in mind his difficult situation. While all of us would love to hear a candidate for the Presidency openly denounce the current marijuana laws, they still have to placate the status quo while campaigning.

Senator Obama may have every intention of fighting to repeal the ridiculous marijuana statutes, but to announce that publicly before he's elected would be political suicide (wouldn't Fox love to have that kind of ammunition to throw against the first black contender with a serious chance at the presidency?)

I can't blame Obama for backtracking on his initial support for complete decriminalization of Marijuana. At least when i look at it from a politician's point of view. I can only hope that once his beautiful black ass is in the oval office, we can start to see some liberating changes made to the way we treat marijuana in America.

[Sorry about the "beautiful black ass" comment but I'm so damn excited about the apparent ebbing of the consistently racist tide in this country]. - Lost in Thought


- - Its not just the software, but the hardware as well. As an example, sans power supply and human interface, a cell phone is naught but a chip and an antenna. The antenna can be molded into just about anything, and who would notice an extra small chip? This would provide an external means of resetting the vote to whatever was necessary without any physical tampering or raising too much statistical skepticism. Handling money is hard enough, but financial transactions can be audited and remedied in the event of fraud. Voting is not strictly auditable, and subtle fraud can be impossible to prove. Electronic voting can never be secure, and never is a word that I do not use lightly.



The complete stand down of all air defense in the north eastern corridor

The twin towers were built to withstand the impact of a 707.

No other steel structured building has ever collapsed even after a three day burn to the core.

Jet fuel is basically #1 diesel and has a relatively low energy value. Most fuel is carried in the wing tanks, and was burned on impact outside the towers.


At May 21, 2008 4:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: 9/11
The towers withstood the impact, but not the jet fuel fed burn.

Three day burns of just the building/office material at comparatively low temperatures would have been survivable.

Jet fuel/diesel has more energy content than gasoline per gallon.

The fuel came in the same side as the plane and went through to the other side as evidenced by the flame eruption. Fuel only burns with the proper air fuel ratio and thus the fuel left in the building didn't burn completely once the initial oxygen was used up. As the wind replaced the oxygen, the remaining fuel continued to burn in the building at much higher temperatures than normal building contents.

Yes, the planes are what brought down the twin towers, not internal explosives.


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