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Mark Segraves, WTOP Tension is growing between the Metropolitan Police Department and the police union, with the two sides filing complaints against each other as their contract negotiations become public.

Kristopher Baumann, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee. . . tells WTOP "negotiators for the city have not acted in good faith, they're trying to run over the frontline officer and destroy the union." Baumann confirms that last Friday, the D.C. Police Union filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the city with the Public Employees Relations Board. Baumann says they did so because the proposed contract "was so outrageous that it was bad faith."

Sources close to the contract negotiations tell WTOP Lanier's offer is for a seven-year contract with no guaranteed pay increases and a reduction in pay for hazardous duty, technical work, and clothing allowances.

The proposed contract would also give more leverage to commanders in how to compensate officers for overtime. The proposed contract would also reduce the officer's ability to appeal disciplinary actions and limit their due process in personnel matters, according to one source.


DC Teacher Chic - As I was making my round today doing cafeteria duty, I heard a student of mine tell another 5th grader, "Man, I really am glad the white people brought the black people over here!" Naturally, I was shocked, almost to the point of being speechless. But knowing that the comment needed to be addressed, I was forced to give an impromptu lecture to him and his tablemates about how horrible the institution of slavery was. This very intelligent boy eventually agreed, but added, "Well, at least things are fine now!". . . I just don't know where to begin.

DC Ed Blog If DC Council member Kwame Brown and others [Schwartz, Barry, Thomas] get their way DCPS valedictorians and other high achievers would be in for a nice payday at the end of the school year. Under the bill, the city would give $3,000 to the valedictorians at each of the city's public high schools. Students showing the making biggest academic improvements would each receive $1,000.


Triple Pundit - Several cities around the globe have begun replacing their regular, sodium, streetlights by low energy lamps. This way they typically save 40-50% on [lighting costs]. In some cases streets get safer and maintenance is also lower. . . These are the findings of a recent study commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce . . . The study examines the potential of refurbishing the streetlights in the greater Washington DC area and concludes that a 50 percent reduction in electricity would save 30.4 million kWh annually. That translates into dollar savings of $1,824,000 and a reduction in carbon footprint of 23,635 metric tons of CO2.


Countersignature This morning, a crew of three workers struck a resounding blow against the local rat population. Using picks, shovels, and god knows what else, they pulled apart a crumbling cinderblock planter that served as a divider in the parking area between our house and the neighbors. This little three by six area was riddled with rat holes and less than affectionately known as the rat hotel. It is now gone. In the process, the three men killed sixty rats. . . Let us greet the new dawn!

Overheard Guy on Cell at Georgetown University: "She's pissed at you? . . . Well, personally, I think it is about time that she gets over it. Just because you ran over her with the car doesn't mean she can still be so upset with you. For God's sake, you took her to all her doctor's appointments, paid for all the medical bills and medications, and are still even making her dinner. She can be rather ungrateful. She is so drugged up right now, are you sure she is still pissed? Could it be the drugs?" Eavesdrop DC


At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mayor and police officials along with the AG should be thrown in a corner and beat with a stick for proposing a contract like that.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Teacher Chic said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. It was, after all, a pretty funny anecdote.


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