Sunday, June 15, 2008


Susan Ohanian

PAT HINCHEY, BOOK SMARTS Susan Ohanian is one of the many voices urging a more activist defense of public schools and teachers, a rejection of privatization strategies, and a return of humanity, common sense and sane pedagogical strategies to schools. . . Ohanian's newest book, When Childhood Collides with NCLB, surely "breaks new ground in the literature of educational criticism," as promised in the introduction. Unlike all of the research and reports and critiques, this book doesn't try to add to a reader's informational stockpile: instead, it tries to get the reader to feel the mixture of indignation, outrage and sadness that so many feel about what is happening to children and teachers in schools, using an innovative format resembling a double-entry journal. The right column of each page contains snippets of news, opinion and quotes from the world of media, with sources ranging from NPR, the New York Times and the Children's Defense Fund to luminaries like President Dwight Eisenhower . . . and Rick of Casablanca ("Suppose you run your business and let me run mine" ). On the left side of each page is original poetry by Ohanian, which serves as a kind of reflection and commentary on the media material that focuses now and then on bits of relevant wisdom

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