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What is believed to be the first statue to enema treatment in the world is unveiled in Zheleznovodsk, Russia Those are angels holding up the 800 pound syringe bulb.

The US Navy Safety Center definitely does not recommend this as a way to keep seagulls from hitting you while riding a bike. On the other hand, it wasn't such a big deal to the Austraian rider. He told reporters that he had also once ferried a couch on his motorcycle.

What is lacking in the today's peace movement? How can we turn popular antiwar sentiment into broad-based action? What strategies and tactics should we employ, and how should we relate to the elections?

The War Resisters League recently asked 90 grassroots organizers from across the county to reflect on the state of antiwar organizing in the United States. Here are some of the results.

Gordon Brown was urged not to rush "headlong" into embracing genetically modified crops amid claims there is little evidence they will solve food shortages or cut rising costs. Sir Martin Doughty, chairman of Natural England, the Government's countryside and wildlife agency, said that the Prime Minister should not consider GM foods a "quick fix" for a "huge challenge". He also warned that the crops could prove harmful to Britain's wildlife. . . Sir Martin said there was little evidence that the current generation of biotechnology crops will help to solve food shortages or preserve wildlife. In a letter he wrote: "The evidence of field-based trials on GM crops previously proposed for commercial release in England demonstrates that they can have a detrimental indirect impact on farmland biodiversity." Telegraph, UK

Nowhere in [the campaign] discussion does anyone raise a hand and ask either candidate whether their energy policies might be augmented with a plan to radically expand public transit in the United States. Transportation policy isn't on Obama's list of campaign issues, or as a subset of his energy policy. Energy policy itself, let alone a public transportation policy is absent from McCain's issue list. A discussion about what is the better bio fuel, how much fossil fuel can be displaced by them, who's in whose pocket, is lacking if not linked with a discussion of reducing the base need for these fuels through investment in public transportation and automobile alternatives, as well as changes in urban planning. . . It's only [about] whether we can change the fuel or increase the efficiency of the current energy/transportation paradigm, never whether there might not be a better paradigm. We mobilized nationally to build the interstate highway system. What can't we mobilize nationally to reinvigorate public transportation? Matthew Mcdermott, Tree Hugger

The schism that caused the ongoing moderate-versus-hardcore libertarian wings continues, and now is manifesting itself related to the LP's Presidential nomination of former GOP Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. In New Hampshire, the NHLP is placing college professor George Phillies onto the ballot as the Libertarian candidate for President. Phillies, a leader of the LP "reform" movement of moderates, lost to Barr for the LP nomination. Meanwhile, the Boston Tea Party -- which was created two years ago following a bitter rift at the 2006 LP national convention when the party's platform and statement of principles was modified -- has nominated a rival ticket. The BTP nominated Charles Jay for President and Tom Knapp for VP. Jay, a pro boxing publicist, was the Personal Choice Party nominee for President in 2004. Knapp is a frequent LP nominee for office in Missouri. The BTP ticket hopes to qualify for the ballot in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Tennessee and Utah. Politics 1

It was reported that criminal prosecutions of undocumented immigrants reached an all-time high in March 2008. Immigration cases accounted for 57 percent of all new federal criminal cases. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that the three highest offenses for incarceration today are: 1. Drug offenses. 2. Weapons, Explosives, Arson. 3. Immigration Latinista

A Juneteenth observance in Odessa, Texas came to a halt when food inspectors told organizers it wasn't legal to have had the 600 BBQ sandwiches prepared in someone's home. The inspectors relented after police were called to the site and a hefty argument ensued. Leaders of the Black Cultural Council say volunteers and the black community felt "humiliated" after two health department food inspectors threatened to put a stop to a Juneteenth celebration over questions about food preparation for 600 free barbecue sandwiches.

In North Carolina, about 10,000 residents have a randomly generated plate ID that begins with "WTF." . . .

The state's letting people with WTF tags switch to new plates for free, if they want to. I guess it'd be doubly awful if "WTF" ended up on one of the state's forthcoming Christian license plates. Zach Patton, Governing

Indie bands are reported cutting back on road trips because of fuel costs. Said band singer Ann Yu: " We often ask ourselves, is it worth driving so far when gas is almost $5 a gallon? We spend at least 150 bucks in gas. . . when there is no guarantee that you'll make any of it back."

The California Orange County Register is going to outsource its copy editing and some of its layout work to a company in India.

The Detroit News describes John Edwards as speaking with "his trademark Southern accent." Hope he doesn't pull an RIAA on us and sue all the tens of millions of Americans who downloaded his invention without his permission.


At June 26, 2008 4:46 AM, Anonymous 420 said...

Here's another eco-clip. The Supreme Court (you know, the same one that now decides presidential election in the U.S.) has issued its final ruling for punitive damages in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It cut punitive damages from the original award of $5 billion 14 years ago to a mere $500 million. Exxon-Mobil cleared $40.6 billion in profit in 2007 alone, or $500 million every 4.5 days. At $404 billion in 2007 sales total, $500 million is less than half a day's income. Hardly "punitive."

At June 27, 2008 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supposedly, Vladimir Putin recently sent W a bottle of vodka in a rock-crystal bottle cut in the shape of an AK-47. Pity he didn't send him this staue instead.

At June 30, 2008 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. Does this mean our supposedly "on the wagon with Jesus" President has knocked back a few with Putin while in Russia?


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