Tuesday, June 24, 2008


MIKE DEESON, TAMPA BAY 10 -There was a buzz at the Pasco Courthouse Friday following our investigation of Clerk of Court Jed Pittman. Pittman readily admits he only works a few days a week for a couple of hours at a time. He says he just comes in and does his job the best he can when he can.

According to Pittman who makes $136,576 he only has to show up 8 days a year in order to get paid.

Pittman says he has no hours he has to be at the office. He adds he doesn't have to be at the office at all for 43 days. However on the 44th day if he doesn't show up the Circuit Judge can relieve him of his job. . .

Taxpayers were also shocked to learn Pittman is making an additional $74,908.08 a year from the $6,242.34 retirement payment he receives each month from the Florida Retirement System. That's right, Pittman retired in January 31 2004, but then un-retired and went back to work a day later. He will collect the retirement money for life.

He also got a lump sum of $362,687.68 from the Florida Drop fund when he retired for a day.

But Pittman's one day retirement from his office may cause a problem. If he really retired he couldn't hire himself back and should return his salary from February 2004 until he was reelected in November of 2004. However if he didn't retire he should be required to pay back the $452,000 he has received since Jan 31 2004.

An office insider says if most people did something like Pittman is doing we'd be prosecuted for stealing money.

While office insiders are irate Pittman has no problem with his double dipping or his full time salary for his part time job.

Pittman says he doesn't think he's letting anybody down.


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