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NY TIMES At a rally for Senator Barack Obama in Detroit on Monday, two Muslim women said they were prohibited from sitting behind the candidate because they were wearing head scarves and campaign volunteers did not want them to appear with him in news photographs or live television coverage. The Obama campaign said it quickly called the women to apologize after learning of the incident. "It doesn't reflect the orientation of the campaign," said Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama. "I do not believe that mistake will be made again."

The campaign on Monday barred cameras from a large gathering of African-American civic leaders Mr. Obama attended. It recently refused to provide names of religious figures with whom Mr. Obama met in Chicago and directed some of them to avoid reporters by using a special exit. And on Wednesday, the campaign orchestrated Michelle Obama's appearance on the friendly set of "The View" and a flattering spread in the pages of Us Weekly. . .

Strategists for Mr. Obama, the country's first black nominee, have made it clear that they believe they need to take extra steps to control his image and protect against attack. But such efforts at times appear to conflict with the candidate's stated desire to be unusually transparent and open, and they have already occasionally put him at loggerheads with news organizations pushing for greater access to him now that he is the presumptive nominee. . .

Tensions between Mr. Obama's campaign and the news media broke into full view when aides announced two weeks ago that he was flying to Chicago but then sent his plane - and traveling press corps - there while he stayed in Washington to meet with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.


At June 20, 2008 8:08 AM, Anonymous robbie said...

I find it hilarious that the press is now crabbing about Obama's press management. I didn't hear them complain about Bush's handlers doing the same thing in 2000, much less the absolute arms-length treatment they've had under the Bush administration. I guess the "liberal" media is awfully selective about what's acceptable from Democrats or Republicans.

At June 20, 2008 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" meet with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Please. That sentence should have read, " be escorted to the Bilderberg conference by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to be introduced to his future puppet masters."

Of course the reporters all know that. They also know their publishers would never allow it in print even without the part of my revision beginning with "to be introduced".


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