Saturday, June 7


Perennial candidate Bob Kelleher won an upset victory in Montana’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, making a tough race even tougher for the state GOP. Kelleher, an 85-year-old attorney from Butte, will challenge Democrat incumbent Max Baucus in November. Baucus is a five-term U.S. senator who had more than $6 million in the bank in May and has raised more than $10 million since he was last re-elected in 2002. Kelleher, who has run for office in the state at least 13 times, has not filed any campaign finance reports, meaning he has not raised or spent more than $5,000 in the race. The new nominee’s views are far from the mainstream Republican party in Montana. He has run as both a Democratic and a Green Party candidate, and he has advocated more gun control GREAT FALLS TRIBUNE

Ralph Nader wants to lower the voting age nationwide to 16. Austria lowered their voting age last year. Also, legislators in several states are considering lowering the voting age for local elections. As Nader states, 16 year olds work, are able to drive motor vehicles, and pay taxes, but are not allowed to vote. With 16 year old voting, Nader argues that high school social studies teachers would be more likely to present voting in a non-partisan environment in the classroom. This would stimulate their students to become an informed electorate.