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- - Johnson an old floorwalker/pr guy for Dayton's Dept. Store in Minneapolis before becoming Mondale's body man and rest is history. . . only slightly more sleazy and horrendously (two great career triumphs: managed Mondale in '84; behind scenes Kerry in '04) less intelligent than Holder, who at least can run a pardon scam when he's ordered to. . . as Frederic March the fatherly Admiral says of Bill Holden as he flies off the carrier deck in The Bridges at Toko-Ri.... "Where do we find such men?" - Roger


- - I am responding to today's Undernews because I assumed that you were either footing your statistical data -- comparing "hits" with "actually read" numbers -- or that you were checking on the vision, or state of senility, of a selected sample of readers. In either case, I instinctively sensed that it was a test and that I had better pass it. For the record, then, it appears from my records that we have two editions of the "Undernews" with the same date: 4 June 2008.

Some years ago, I attended a press briefing given by the new owners of one of our local newspapers, called at the time, the "Bellevue Journal." They were from out of town -- Hawaii as I recall -- and felt compelled to reassure readers and advertisers about their commitment to the community. They did so by announcing that they "would make no changes to the newspaper." They were true to their word. The next day the "Bellevue Journal" came out -- without changing the date. (Coincidentally, it was also a Thursday edition.) - Jim

Some days you just like to hold on to forever.

- - You appear to trust and seem to be cheering for this person Obama to be president of the USA. Can you explain his relationship with Lieberman as you have his relationships with Wright, Ayers and Pfleger? - BBF Minneapolis, MN

- - For anyone to be elected President of this dysfunctional country with its absurd government and election procedures, certain things are absolute givens. On must, for example, be a church-going Christian whose faith has shaped his/her vision. This is but one of myriad prerequisites that ensure that only sanctimonious hypocrites, or reasonable facsimiles thereof, can gain the office. Your greatest fear was Hillary becoming President. Obama fulfilled all the necessary prostitutions and beat her. And you, utter ingrate, cavil at his hypocrisy. You better hope he is a hypocrite, after eight years of a jerk who actually believed all his bullshit and whose religious postures were more than window dressing. How easy it is to be Ralph Nader, speak truth to power and make no effort actually to win. Save your bitching for the horrible system and root for the rare Machiavelli who just might be a significant improvement on recent presidents. The only other option is to have an elected president die early in office, having selected a honest and capable bullshit-free veep. Harry Trumans do not happen often. Cut Obama some slack as the least of all evils and drop your own sanctimony, in its way as miserable as Obama's with far fewer excuses. - WH, ME

- - I like the following plan: Hillary on the Supreme Court; Bill as Secretary General of the UN; John Edwards as AG; and as VP, Govs. Richardson or Strickland or Gen. Clark or Sen. Webb. - Bruce

- - This reminds me of a PSA that used to air hawking treatment of depression: displaying a reproduction of Picasso's "Man With Blue Guitar." The voice-over suggested that had modern treatments for depression existed in the artist's time, he might never have experienced the melancholia that caused him to paint the pictures of his 'blue period'--never mind, of course, that some of Picasso's greatest masterpieces emerged from this period. As I recall, the figure in the painting would morph into the animated image of a cheery oldster with a big smile on his face, suddenly strumming a happy tune on his now rosy instrument.


- - Well that's profound.


- - God forbid that people should ever be held to any kind of standards of behavior. We all know how much more smoothly things run when everyone runs amok, just doing as they damn well please to anyone else. After all, isn't that pretty much the basis of the whole American Way?


- - Or as my old marine corpse buddy used to say after he returned from Viet Nam, "Eat the apple; fuck the corps."

- - That's quite a poor article, written as a Falsetinian legend and not connected to reality at place. Any way, the Arabs in Palestine have their own state since 1922. Jordan contains about 80% of Palestinian Arabs next to the Bedouin-Saudi Arabs. When the Arab refugees will return to their state in Jordan they will be about 98% of the citizens of their national state.

The very core of the conflict is that Arab Muslims in Palestine don't accept the notion that non-Muslim entity has any right to create it's own "National Home" in the Islamic "Dahr a-Salam" in the ME. Most of the Arabs in Palestine don't recognize the legitimacy of the state of the Jews in Palestine and act for the outside and the inside to change the now-reality by peace steps attached with terror acts (like the Fatah movement) or through terror only (like the Hamas, Islamic Jihad).

The question, or I might say the problem, for Israel is how to hold the Islamic forces back and not let them achieve success while not making concessions by themselves. Pushing Israel back without true political and sociological process will bring all partners to huge colossal blast, that Gaza's Hamanistan regime will just be reflecting pure moderation. It is neither the duty nor the obligation of the US to accelerate that process. One has to accept the fact that the so called the "Arab Palestinian" people is not ready for historical acceptance of others as equal and free.

I want to remind all that until 1949 when people said "a Palestinian" everybody thought about Jews and the land of Israel. When the European hooligans of the 30th - 40th wanted to persecute Jews they shouted at them "Jews to Palestine. Keep Europe clean". There wasn't any Arab Palestinian people until the middle of the 20th century. Arabs in Palestine were called "Palestinian Arabs" by the British conqueror of the land. The Jews were called "Palestinian Jews". The phrase didn't mean nationality per se but citizenship of the British mandate occupation. The Jewish state started to be built in the 19th century. Israel is not the out come of the holocaust (as many Anti Semitic / Anti Zionist demagogues claim), but rather created in spite of the holocaust!

I might say that I am tired of your narrative which ignores the reality in the ME and think from far distance that you have all resolutions for 100 years of conflict. You are quite disconnected as you point out in your 47' UN partition plan's remark. Why the conflict had busted then? Because those Palestinian Arabs rejected the idea that Palestinian Jews should have their own national state.

I'm disappointed to see how you failed to mention that the Arab Palestinian in Palestine already received their national entity to express their own national desires from the British occupier in 1922, while more than half of the Palestinian soil was handed to the Hashemite Saudi Bedouin prince hood to govern the Arab Palestinians in Trans-Jordan. The other small "half" waited to the fulfillment of Balfur declaration which failed to follow.

Hence, therefore, the only justice and stable solution for the "Palestinian problem" is by creating two national states for two peoples and not 3 states (Jordan, Palestine, Israel). Jews and Arabs will be free live where ever they choose. Jews will vote the Knesset in Jerusalem and the Arabs to the Parliament in Aman. This should be the basic for endurable solution to the deep problem

- - More never-ending anti-Semitism. "No Arab government has any interest in attacking it." If that was so, then why do they continue to remain in a declared state of war with Israel? Why do they continue to support the Palestinians, even though they've clearly lost the war?

The right-wingers and the religious fundamentalists have done a lot of damage to Israel, just as they have to the U.S. But to suggest that they have "destroyed" Israel is ludicrous, just as it's ludicrous to suggest that the US has been destroyed by the Democrats and Republicans. Both the US and Israel will survive this period.

The Jews have been living on that land for over 3,000 years now. They have survived despite endless attacks against them. Far from being destroyed, they are now the wealthiest they have ever been, have the largest population they've ever had, and have the most military power they've ever had. That is a very strange kind of "destruction". They have never been dependent on outside help for survival, and they are not dependent on it now.

Israel has problems but it will survive, as it always has. It seems to me rather that it is the Palestinians who have destroyed themselves, and who will eventually disappear from the pages of history.

- - More never ending AIPAC propaganda.

- - The problem for Israel is how to regain any credibility in the realm of humanity, given the 60 year holocaust it has inflicted on the Palestinians. And while Israel may have destroyed itself morally, despite the willingness to believe the Zionist supremacist lies demonizing the victims of its occupation, I'm sure those still suffering in occupied Palestine would beg to differ with the title of this piece "How Israel Destroyed Itself."

- - It's time to get serious about peace in the Middle East, and cut off all aid to Israel until it gives up its nuclear weapons before imagining them in every neighboring country Israel refuses to get along with. The only real threat to the U.S. in the Middle East is that lying parasite Israel, that delights in playing the puppeteer when it comes to getting U.S. soldier killed abroad.

- I'd appreciate it if the resident goys here would stop treating the terms "Jews", "Zionists" and "AIPAC" as embodying one and the same entity. And if you say they are one and the same, then, yes, you are an anti-Semite. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

- - Journalists in the U.S. admitting they were wrong would require some sort of integrity or ethics among U.S. journalists. Don't hold your breath.

- - If they had any integrity whatsoever, they could just list some of the worst laws that Bush broke, what the punishments are, and tell their viewers a couple phone numbers in Congress to complain.

- - Meanwhile war criminals Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the administration are still at large.

- - It is not just that the media was complicit in the hyping of WMD propaganda. Even if Iraq had WMD, there would have been no legal justification under US or international law for the invasion. It was not just WMD propaganda either. Even when Bush told obvious stupid bonehead lies, or contradicted what he said a few weeks before, or even in the same speech, the media ignored the blunders. The media was, and for the most part remains, complicit with this archetype of a malevolent ne'er-do-well.

-- In what got to be a comical pas de deux, during the buildup to the Iraq War I kept getting assurances from a Chris Matthews' Hardball booker about an appearance on the show to discuss both Middle East politics -- which I'd covered for print and television through the years -- and separately human rights abuse in america in the form of polygamy, which I'd written about extensively in key mainstream newspapers. The booker complained about the pressures on him to book the generals. Then I watched in shock as Hardball booked John Mccain (the FLDS polygamist cult has been headquartered in Arizona and Utah for almost 100 years), Orrin Hatch and Mike Leavitt with Matthews failing to discuss the human rights issue of polygamy. Ever wonder what makes Chris Matthews smile?


- - We participated in a candle-light peace vigil held in a neighboring New Hampshire town that February night of 2003. The turn out was not very large. I remember being taunted by people driving by and yelling "Kick their ass, take their gas." And so it goes...

- - Obama could ask Hillary why her husband doubled the prison population in this country in the nineties.

- - Of course, the wholesale embrace of a culture that teaches these same young black men that killing, dealing, robbing, and raping are legitimate rites of passage to becoming a "man" would in no way have anything at all to do with some of these stats, oh, no indeed.

- - You'll pardon me if I'm skeptical of the constant knee jerk primitive neural response to any revelations regarding bad news for poor people of any color being the dismissal of any empathy (they deserve it, you imply). Crime statistics reveal that relatively few of incarcerations are for violent crimes but rather nonviolent (mostly possession) drug offenses, a category wherein it is documented that there are great disparities in arrests, prosecution and sentences for comparable crimes between blacks and whites.

I personally know several black men who served time in prison for so called crimes which would have been deemed self defense had they been committed by white men. My best friend's father stabbed a would-be robber, served five years, got out and worked the rest of his life in a steel mill with no further arrests other than DUI. Another friend of mine when he was nineteen shot an armed robber, went to prison for aggravated assault, and has had his life pretty much ruined because he didn't want to be robbed. Not only does law enforcement fail to protect the black community, it punishes them for protecting themselves, and targets them for minor drug offenses particularly marijuana possession.

- - I find the that I rather like and admire both Wright and Pfleger for having the guts and audacity to speak the truth as they see it. In this "politically correct" and repressive society we seem to have these days, I find it curiously refreshing. - Chris


-- Time to pull that tax exemption away. Priests and bishops should be forced to register as agents of a foreign power (the Vatican). - T. Lassiter Jones

- - Nobody, other than union members who aren't selling out their fellow members by having their noses up the asses of the "business agents," seem to understand that unions are failing because they serve the needs of leadership rather than membership and are little different than company unions.


- - The sheep of America have decided on what they deem the lesser of evils. The revolution is on hold. Corporate America, at least in the guise of the health insurance industry, will again triumph. I still believe that the populace in America is a sleeping giant; however it will take a mighty big alarm clock to wake them up. The bread and circuses have induced a extremely soporific state. We need a very large can to bang.

- - There is nothing worse than a progressive evangelical except a conservative one.

- - Why does no one forward the argument that a public school is an extension of government, and that citizens have a constitutional right to challenge the actions of their government and its representatives?

- - I don't know why so many parents are so willing to turn their kids over to the government for brainwashing.

- - So basically the court upheld freedom of speech, as long as no one pays any attention. That's pretty much the case law definition of freedom of speech for a few decades now.


- - Palfrey was a whore running a whorehouse. Lie down with pigs and you'll end up either smelling like them or being eaten by them.


- - "Bill Clinton has been paid by $3.3 million by Info USA, an Omaha, Nebraska company that has been identified as a key provider of specially designed databases that have been sold to criminals who use the detailed information to defraud the unsuspecting elderly." Almost sounds like AARP.

- - You could have summed up the reasons not to have Hillary on the ticket in one word: Bill -- Elderlady

- - Above all else we must hope for housing prices to stabilize at a level beyond which people can actually afford them. Then things will be good. People funneling every penny into mortgage payments so they can't save for retirement or have any disposable income left over for the pleasures of life and the health of the rest of the economy. This will be heralded as good news. I'm sick of the wrong-headed perspective on falling housing prices.

- - The sag in prices, if it exists at all, is only temporary. Real estate, real property, is a global commodity and will therefore retain its relative value to other global commodities. As the dollar continues to shrink in value, eventually housing will reflect the short-fall in buying power and prices will then soar through the roof, as it were. The trick will be holding onto the land long enough to benefit from the inevitable correction. Seldom mentioned during discussions that evoke the Great Depression is the fact that stocks generally recovered their full value within three or four years of the great crash of '29.


- - "There is a labor shortage in Iowa. Wages are the second lowest in the country.". . . What they meant to say was there is a slave labor shortage in Iowa. America used to own its slaves now it just rents them.


-- Given McCain's comments, and the identical comments of other U.S. leader that supposed represent the U.S. people, it's high time Israel started paying U.S. taxes, instead of bleeding the U.S. economy dry.


- - Paul Kane's comments reveal one thing: that the Washington Post continues to marginalize itself as a newspaper.


-- Can anyone argue that genocide of Muslims in places like Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan isn't a good, sane, forward-looking American foreign policy? Didn't 9/11 change everything? Didn't it officially enshrine Zionism as the state religion?


- - I warned you back in 1961, when I said: "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. . . Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together." - Dwight D. Eisenhower


- - And in so doing, might one suppose that the present occupant may have viewed the following as something of a how to guide:

"He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers."

"He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the Tenure of their Offices, and the Amount and Payment of their Salaries."

"He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance."

"He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to Civil Power."

"He has combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our Laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation."

"He is, at this Time, transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to complete the Works of Death, Desolation, and Tyranny begun with circumstances of Cruelty and Perfidy, scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous Ages, and totally unworthy of the Head of a civilized Nation."


- - Cell phones are a distraction not only at concerts but almost everywhere.


- - Obama is running an effective campaign in an environment that is actively hostile to thinking and ideas. Why not give him his due and lay off for a while. Critical words about words are getting tiresome. Hopefully you will get the opportunity in the years to come to comment on his deeds. - Bill Hennessey


- - Thank goodness Ralph is running again this year, so we can get these brief gusts of truth and perspective every now and then.

- - Every time I read an article like this I thank my lucky stars I decided to home school my kid 9 years ago. What kind of a parent would allow their kids to go to such a place? Many parents don't even realize they have a choice to avoid public school, other than expensive private schools. Home schooling is a rapidly growing movement, and with situations repeatedly coming up like the one in the article, it's no wonder that it is.


- - The Clintons have both been stealth Republicans ever since the 90's, destroying the Democrat Party from within. After sabotaging Obama's campaign, the obvious plan is for Hillary to switch parties after Obama wins the nomination, and run for VP on a Republican McCain-Hillary ticket. - Realist


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