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- - Obama has as much likelihood of bombing Iran as Nixon did of bombing China. Iran is his trump card, soon to be key ally in Iraq and Afghanistan, negotiation partner over nukes, Lebanon, Palestine, and he doesn't need WWIII marring his first term.


- - Near the end, how much farther could it have gone?

- - "I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market." -- Barack Obama; June, 2008

- - Well, the market owns Obama, and his campaign owes everything to marketing. Now if only we could freely trade his candidacy with that of Ralph Nader.


- - huge thank you to Sam for doing actual investigative work. The truth is hard to find these days, and I'm thirsty for it. (i just got the Sally Denton book and it's fabulous.)


- - American prejudice toward Islam is only half the motivation. A huge part of Obama's reticence to admit his history comes from the subtle belief that you are a member of whatever religion you are born to, regardless of circumstance or personal faith.

I know a great many religious apathetics who identify as Christian because their parents were Christian. I know agnostics raised in a religionless homes by privately Muslim parents; I see them being called Muslim, even after explaining their personal beliefs. No malicious intent, just foolish, subtextual rules most abide by without realizing.

In American society (and probably most elsewhere), religion is as much a demographic as a set of beliefs. And a demographic is the kind of thing one can't change, one can't explain around. The only way that kind of identification can be avoided is by total abandonment.


- - Now if only U.S. power in North America was on the wane as well - Citizen Sane

- - Actually, Obama knows this all too well, and plans to win back the South America that Bush lost. For example, in a speech to Cuban exiles in Florida, he revealed that he intended to continue the trade embargo against Cuba, and then decided to take things a bit further. He claimed that the US, under Bush, was "losing Latin America", and that "demagogues like Hugo Chávez" had stepped "into the vacuum." He then proceeded to raise the specter of Iranian influence in the region, saying that "just the other day Tehran and Caracas launched a joint bank with their windfall oil profits."

He then claimed that Columbia - a government that has ties with death squads, carrying out assassinations and worse - was correct to bomb rebel camps across its borders in Ecuador. Obama said that he would "support Colombia's right to strike terrorists who seek safe-havens across its borders."

Obama also supports the Merida Initiative (the so-called "Columbian solution") for Mexico, whereby funds are provided to the military and police forces in South American countries in order to combat crime. These funds have been put to good use in Columbia in helping create the aforementioned death squads. A perfect role model. It sounds like the School of Americas all over again, except this time its not the Reds they're fighting, but criminals and drug runners. Even worse, Obama added that we must press further south as well.


- - Humans suck. We sit around and think of brilliant ways to do less with more, then figure out even more brilliant ways to keep these benefits away from 95% of the population. Why have voluntary, enjoyable work for all and sky high standards of living when we can all slave away and justify some sociopath executive class' parasitic philosophy and existence? I'd bitch more but I gotta get to work.

- - The rising utility and fuel costs also in turn affect the costs of other services that cities provide. I live in Los Angeles, and I just got a notice that garbage collection fees are going up from $26/month to $36. That's an increase of around 40%, quite a bit more than the inflation rate of 2% that the government is claiming.

- - The question is: are rising fuel costs (themselves a fraud perpetrated by speculators) causing a rash of fraudulently excessive price hikes in other commodities? The level of predation in the market place today is spectacular.


- - My pet dogs both support Ralph Nader. That's canine loyalty for ya.

- - My proctologist is pushing for John McCain, but he specializes in assholes, so that's comes as no surprise.


- - What's lucky for CEO's is that 6 billion people still do not understand that only work creates wealth and that the maximum individual contribution that is possible to make to the total pool of wealth by one's own sacrifice to working is limited, which fact means the pool of wealth is finite, which fact means that under unlimited-personal-fortunes capitalism (as opposed to pay-justice capitalism), in order to overpay a few, the many who sacrificed equally have to be stolen from to fund the overpay because there is nowhere else for the overpay to come from but from underpay which is theft of earnings.

Which means that our whole system for as long as we allow unlimited personal fortunes to be withdrawn from a finite pool, requires and endorses the legal theft of earnings from many, the legal transfer of wealth from earners to non-earners - when only work creates the wealth in the first place.

Steal people's rightful earnings and you steal their food and water and shelter and education and healthcare. . . and every theft comes with an angry person attached and you end up with a world where rich and poor are writhing in hell unnecessarily and headed for self-destruction via the violence that ever-escalates as the robbed people try forever to get justice.


- - Every lion cub to this day is born with its birthright to a place to put its feet still intact. Not so for the humans, now that all land is owned. Society has, in the zenith of its stupidity, decided to strip this most basic birthright off everyone, despite its inarguable essentiality to being able to live at all, and to do so without even providing ourselves a dime's compensation. Winston Churchill: "Land Monopoly is not the only monopoly, but it is by far the greatest of monopolies - it is perpetual monopoly, and it is the mother of all other forms of monopoly."


- - "If our children knew what we're really doing to them, they would rise up and murder us in our sleep." -Frank Zappa


- - When morality is on the rise, true goodness is in decline.


- - One of the main purposes of government should be to protect the weak against the strong. Predators will always figure a way to justify their predation. In fact, they will attempt to claim virtue. It has been said, the root of all evil is the love of money. There certainly is ample evidence of that. Ultimately to counter this the human race needs to develop a sustainable and merciful social arrangement. It would be best that this be arrived at based on a shared understanding. Until that time we will need to depend on laws to preclude the worst excesses. But that is clearly a stopgap measure.

- - The headline asks a question. Simple answer: Only if hell freezes over.

Longer answer: He will probably do something that he calls credit card reform, but just like the recent bankruptcy law, it will do more for the credit card industry's bottom line than it does for my bank balance.

The only possible exception would be if Obama turns out to be a sheep in wolf's clothing who has been lying to all his billionaire contributors about looking out for their interests.


- - Congratulations on running a non-negative story on the dreaded 'S' word. Socialism seems to be the fastest growing political/economic philosophy in the world today, but mum's the word on the US mainstream media. And a mention of socialism will still strike fear in the hearts of many, if not most, of our countrymen (though not in the hearts of Europeans, whose media are somewhat more forthcoming).

Brian Moore's following of only 3,000 people speaks volumes on the power of the mainstream media to influence thought and opinion to the benefit of our ruling elite. While Brian's election, with backing, would probably solve about 90% of the country's problems, the majority remain in the dark, unaware of this fact, still believing the Repubs/Demos will work to change things. Pity.

- - But the Repubs/Demos are working to change things. They are almost finished in dismantling the republic, eliminating all civil rights, and handing control of the country over to a small handful of powerful corporations. They just need four more years

- - Why do small parties of the left waste their time, money and energies on campaigns for national office that they know will be fruitless? I suppose it is mainly to make their voices heard, even if not too many will hear them. But there are better ways to advance their causes, while making a genuine contribution toward furthering the purposes of the left, and that is by pooling the votes of all parties to the left of center for the candidate of the leftist party which has the best chance of winning.

The party of the left most sizable and recognized, and with most members now in elected office, is the Greens. Granted, they are not very far to the left, and they probably would not erect statues to Marx and Engels in Central Park if elected, but they would give us a democratic political environment where people who would like to see those statues erected would have an opportunity to be heard, and possibly in the future, elected -- something very unlikely to happen under the present two party system.

All parties of the left could retain their party structure, membership, projects for state recognition, etc. The only thing they might do differently is not run a candidate for national office, and suggest to their membership that they vote for the Green (or the candidate of the party of the left which is strongest at the time).

There would be no losers if this were to happen, and all parties would be making a real contribution to the common cause. The strongest party, even if it did not win, would likely obtain enough votes to qualify for federal funding. And this strong party could be obligated, by agreement, to publicise the names of those parties that assisted in its campaign, thereby assisting the recognition of those parties in state and local campaigns. And when, some day in the future, a party of the left is finally elected, all parties of the left will see most of their wishes come true.

It's cooperation among all forces of the left that is needed, friends -- let's save our competitive energies to sink the two party system.


- - Don't make too big a deal of the hydrogen car. The hydrogen has to come from something. If it is made from natural gas, you still have to store the leftover carbon somewhere. If it is made by electrolysis, you can go further on a kWh using batteries than hydrogen. If we want to eliminate or greatly reduce auto emissions while still keeping cars, battery power is the way to go. If we decide to reduce the number of autos and go for trains, direct electricity rather than hydrogen makes even more sense.


- - Wow. . . almost 5 fewer miles per American for the whole month. That's like scooping a cup of water out of the ocean, and expecting to see sea levels drop. Skipping an average trip to McDonald's once a month: what a sacrifice! Finally, the million dead in Iraq and 3 million displaced Iraqis can begin to see the end of their torment, now that benevolent Americans are giving up so much to save a miniscule amount of utterly selfless, Herculean conservation effort only the Bush administration could inspire.


- - A lot of hype preparing for martial law in Denver this summer. Is it a psyop for Bush's next false flag attack to enshrine the dictatorship he has started? Or merely a way to pressure Democrats, the same way the domestically launched anthrax attacks, using a strain of spores originating from the U.S.'s own Fort Detrick, only targeted key Democrats prior to the push to pass the draconian Patriot Act?

- - And what goes into batteries? Finite metals which when they get back into the drinking water, as all inputs of industry inevitably do, are arguably as toxic as nuclear waste. if the goal is to have humans survive more than a century or so more, our societies will have to look more pre-industrial than post modern.


- - Taking a less cynical view I am grateful that the press's sycophancy for one of it's own took time away from their usual function of faithfully propagandizing for the Bush administration.


Wow, all this Obama stuff. You're even out in front of the Librul Media with the swift-boating. I say this because when you are using David Brooks for your cause you are totally busted: "As recent weeks have made clear, Barack Obama is the most split-personality politician in the country today." Oh really? How about mister flip-flopper himself, John McCain?

- - If you're not going to make any attempt at balance might I suggest you put up a banner on your website:



- - Thanks for another great essay. - cemmcs


At June 27, 2008 2:48 PM, Anonymous happy halloween said...

Re: "Obama has as much likelihood of bombing Iran as Nixon did of bombing China."
Israel and Bush/Cheney have as much as said they'd bomb Iran if it appears Obama will win. The threat is real as is the likely consequence that the U.S. economy will fail under the weight of ten dollar per gallon gasoline.

At June 28, 2008 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re:"And what goes into batteries? Finite metals which when they get back into the drinking water, as all inputs of industry inevitably do, are arguably as toxic as nuclear waste."
This has to be the stupidest , most erroneous statement I've seen. "As toxic as nuclear waste"?


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