Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wonkette - After spending all primary season complaining about what a policy lightweight Barack Obama was, now a whole pack of bigwig Clinton advisors have joined the Obama team. The gal with the robot rash on her forehead will proffer advice on the Middle East, while Madeleine Albright will lurk angrily in the background when Obama gives speeches. This is all a perfectly normal part of the political process wherein the winner slowly metabolizes the loser, leaving only a dry loser-shaped husk behind for its grieving relatives to worship.

New York Observer In the weeks since Mrs. Clinton officially suspended her candidacy, the Obama campaign has recruited the services of the Clinton campaign's director of national security, Lee Feinstein, as well as foreign-policy advisers Mara Rudman, the deputy national security advisor under Bill Clinton; Robert Einhorn, a former assistant secretary for nonproliferation at the State Department; and Stuart Eizenstat, an international-trade specialist who was policy director for Jimmy Carter's 1976 campaign. On the domestic side, Gene Sperling, who was the top economic adviser on the Clinton campaign, has begun consulting with the Obama policy team.


At July 3, 2008 5:28 PM, Anonymous m said...

The Clinton advisers are doing a wonderful job for Obama. Today Obama has started to nuance and backtrack on his Iraq troop withdrawals promises. He has floundered on many important issues in this past week: the separation of church and state, Iran, FISA, and now Iraq. This is not tracking to the center, but rather complete a complete ethical and legal capitulation.

The Democrats are once again bound and determined to throw away this election, just like the previous three. If 100% of the population of the US where were not of Congress were opposed to this war, would the Democratic members of Congress have the courage to vote against it?

At July 4, 2008 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2003, Obama was declared by the DLC as a rising star to watch. Disavow as he might, Barry's true intentions ought to have been apparent to anyone paying any kind of attention and in possession of a memory capable of recall beyond a few weeks.
The fix has been in on this one for some time.


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