Sunday, July 6, 2008


Washington Post Sen. Barack Obama raised the possibility of slowing a promised gradual, 16-month withdrawal from Iraq if he is elected president, saying that Thursday he will consult with military commanders on an upcoming trip to the region and "continue to refine" his proposals.

"My 16-month timeline, if you examine everything I've said, was always premised on making sure our troops were safe," Obama told reporters as his campaign plane landed in North Dakota, a state no Democratic presidential candidate has carried since 1964. "And my guiding approach continues to be that we've got to make sure that our troops are safe, and that Iraq is stable. And I'm going to continue to gather information to find out whether those conditions still hold."

In a second, hastily convened news conference, Obama insisted that his policies have not changed, and that he has "not equivocated" or is not "searching for maneuvering room" on Iraq. Consultations with commanders in the coming weeks will be focused more on the size of U.S. forces needed to train and equip Iraqi military and police units, as well as maintaining a "counterterrorism strike force" to prevent al-Qaeda from making a comeback, he said.

"Let me be as clear as I can be: I intend to end this war," he said. "My first day in office, I will bring the Joint Chiefs of Staff in, and I will give them a new mission. That is to end this war, responsibly, deliberately but decisively."


At July 6, 2008 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama is too stupid to realize that the troops are necessarily unsafe by being active soldiers in a war zone, and that Iraq is by definition 'unstable' as long as a foreign occupying force is blowing the place up.

Nah, he can't be that dumb. He just must think we're that dumb. Either way, he can go fuck himself.

At July 7, 2008 12:12 AM, Anonymous Tony Kondaks said...

Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:

At July 7, 2008 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that mean someone could still engineer a switch to Kucinich?


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