Thursday, July 3, 2008


MS Magazine Walsh Construction Company in Portland OR dropped a project to build a Planned Parenthood [headquarters], citing pressure from anti-choice activists. Owner Bob Walsh left the project out of concern his family would be threatened, not based on moral judgment, reports The Oregonian. Others involved in the project have already been subjected to office protests from anti-choice protesters. Bill Diss, a protest organizer, referrers to Planned Parenthood as a "killing center" that teaches young girls about sex and masturbation, which he referred to as "the gateway drug to lust," according to The Register-Guard. Despite increasing pressure, Beech Street Partners, the original developer will act as its own contractor and hire builders to complete the project by July 2009. The space will be used for medical clinics and will host Planned Parenthood's regional headquarters. It will bring an estimated 140 jobs to the neighborhood.

MS Magazine Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have refused millions of federal dollars allotted for abstinence-only education programs for the upcoming fiscal year. . . Until 2005, California was the only state to refuse funding. The nearly 40 percent drop in acceptance is attributed to rampant distrust of the program's effectiveness and constant uncertainty regarding the program's renewal.


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