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Howard Gensler Philadelphia Daily News - Is John Edwards guilty of adultery, stupidity or merely being a convenient pawn in drawing media attention away from the "Barack Obama Conquers the World Tour, Summer 2008"?

If one is to believe the National Enquirer and the right-wing blogosphere which jumped on this story like a stud horse on a mare, Edwards was trysting with Rielle Hunter Monday night at the Beverly Hilton. It allegedly was not the first time. Making the story juicier, the Enquirer claims, is the additional fun "fact" that Hunter is the mother of Edwards' illegitimate child.

Edwards' pal, Andrew Young, also married, claims to be the father of that child, meaning Young is really willing to fall on the sword to help a buddy - or Hunter isn't averse to sleeping with multiple Democrats.

If the sordid tale is true and Edwards is cheating on his wife, Elizabeth, while she's battling cancer, this puts him in rarified air even for a politician - with Newt Gingrich, for instance.

And it may be true. One of Hunter's goals as a consultant to Edwards' campaign was to remove his "Ken doll" image, though the idea probably wasn't to replace that with a Ron Jeremy doll.

So far, all the Enquirer has on this alleged tryst is that Edwards was in Hunter's hotel room at the Beverly Hilton on Monday night.

Not sure what that means. Tattle has been one-on-one in hotel rooms with Sienna Miller, Keri Russell, Keira Knightley and other babes, and we can honestly report that, alas, nothing happened. It is possible to hang out in a hotel suite without rattling the headboard.

But let's assume for a minute that Elizabeth Edwards' treatments have hindered their sex lives, and Edwards, being a standard-issue horndog politician, chose to look elsewhere for excitement. Maybe Elizabeth gave him permission to look elsewhere.

Yes, he'd still be an ass, but in a post-Clinton, post-Spitzer age, could he be such a stupid ass as to carry on with a political confidante who produced movies for his campaign? And could he be so monumentally moronic as to meet said mistress at a hotel as public as the Beverly Hilton?

As Daily News TV critic Ellen Gray informed us from the Television Critics Association summer press tour, what makes the Beverly Hilton choice even more bizarre is that the place was crawling with reporters Monday night for the TCA, including newspaper people from the New York Times, USA Today the New York Daily News, the Washington Post, and us. But no one but the National Enquirer seemed to spot John Edwards.

True, but the Enquirer says Hunter/Edwards friend Bob McGovern reserved rooms 246 and 252 at the Hilton. The TCA hospitality suite was down the hall in Room 234.

Tattle's not saying it's not true - and Edwards may soon be issuing tearful mea culpas - we're just saying that if Edwards chose to have a liaison in a hotel hosting a press event, he's an idiot.

In Houston yesterday, Edwards said about the Enquirer story, "That's tabloid trash. They're full of lies. I'm here to talk about helping people."

Hunter has said the stories were "not true, completely unfounded and ridiculous."

National Enquirer A team of Enquirer reporters caught the married ex-senator visiting his mistress and secret love child late Monday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles hotel. As we reported previously, Edwards arrived at the hotel at 9:45 p.m. Monday, driven by a friend in a BMW, and was seen by Enquirer reporter Alan Butterfield. We can now reveal that the man who drove Edwards was Bob McGovern, the same man who drove Rielle to the hotel from Santa Barbara and rented her room in his name. He was driving a 1999 four-door midnight blue BMW.

Said Butterfield: "The car had a baby seat in the back for Rielle's infant. He pulled into the parking lot, took a ticket from the automated machine, pulled forward, and stopped right after the parking gate lowered. Edwards got out of the passenger side, walked around the front of the car and went in a side entrance near the swimming pool. McGovern parked the car and then slowly walked back inside the hotel and went upstairs."

In the aftermath of our exclusive story, the National Enquirer has now learned:

- Edwards' advisers are "spitting mad and furious" that his late-night escapades have made international headlines because it could derail his chances of becoming Barack Obama's running mate. . .

- His mistress, blonde divorcee Rielle, meanwhile, has returned to her home in Santa Barbara, Calif., and sources say she is "in despair" that Edwards might cut off contact with her because their latest rendezvous has been exposed in the media.

After we posted the details of Edwards shocking meeting with Rielle, political sources close to Edwards revealed how he was candidly scolded by his advisors hours later.

One political source divulged: "His advisors told him they were furious that this had been brought out by the National Enquirer right when Obama is considering whether he's V.P. material with the Democratic National Convention (Aug. 25-28 in Denver) only weeks away.

"From what I hear, John was read the riot act by his people. The fallout from this could cost him the job of running mate. They told him Obama doesn't want to pick someone and be embarrassed by the choice. This 'bimbo eruption' at this critical time will do him absolutely no good.

"While his people are not trying to tell him how to live his personal life, this baggage isn't going to help him convince Obama that he's the right guy to be his veep."

Fox News Beverly Hills hotel security guard told Fox he intervened this week between a man he identified as former Sen. John Edwards and tabloid reporters who chased down the former presidential hopeful after what they're calling a rendezvous with his mistress and love child.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel guard said he encountered a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards - whom he did not immediately recognize - in a hotel men's room early Tuesday morning in a literal tug-of-war with reporters on the other side of the door.

"What are they saying about me?" the guard said Edwards asked.

"His face just went totally white," the guard said, when Edwards was told the reporters were shouting out questions about Edwards and Rielle Hunter, a woman the National Enquirer says is the mother of his child.

The guard said he escorted Edwards, who was not a registered guest at the hotel, out of the building after 2 a.m. Edwards did not say anything while he was escorted out, said the guard, adding that at times the reporters on the scene were "rough on him," sticking a camera in his face and shouting questions.

The guard did not recognize Edwards at the time of the incident, but said he concluded it was the 2008 presidential hopeful after hearing reports about the incident and finding an Enquirer reporter's notebook at the scene.

A former campaign staffer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Fox he wishes he were "more surprised" to hear reports Edwards was visiting Hunter. "I'm definitely upset by it. I wish I was more surprised, though.". . .

Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Michael Publicker, meanwhile, confirmed Friday that an incident report was filed with the department by two of the tabloid's reporters. Publicker said that contrary to a published report, a "criminal complaint" was not filed and there are no charges pending. "It will be looked into," Publicker said, refusing to say whether Edwards would be contacted as part of a formal investigation. "We're not going to comment on the investigation," he said. Police department spokesman Tony Lee said Publicker told him that Edwards was not named on the incident report. . .

The Enquirer says it has videotape showing Hunter entering the room where she met Edwards, and shows Edwards leaving the same room. However, the Enquirer has thus far declined repeated requests by Fox Newsto release any photographs or videotape evidence of the incident.

Progressive Review, December 2007 - True or not, the story below is spreading around the grocery checkout lines of America and could have a major impact: the National Enquirer is claiming that John Edwards is soon to have a love child. Various caveats follow the Enquirer account.

National Enquirer - The Enquirer has learned exclusively that Rielle Hunter, a woman linked to Edwards in a cheating scandal earlier this year, is more than six months pregnant - and she's told a close confidante that Edwards is the father of her baby!

The Enquirer's political bombshell comes just weeks after Edwards emphatically denied having an affair with Rielle, who formerly worked on his campaign and told another close pal that she was romantically involved with the married ex-senator.

The Enquirer has now confirmed not only that Rielle is expecting, but that she's gone into hiding with the help of a former aide to Edwards. The visibly pregnant blonde has relocated from the New York area to Chapel Hill, N.C., where she is living in an upscale gated community near political operative Andrew Young, who's been extremely close to Edwards for years and was a key official in his presidential campaign.

And in a bizarre twist, Young - a 41-year-old married man with young children - now claims he is the father of Rielle's baby. But others are skeptical, wondering if Young's paternity claim is a cover-up to protect Edwards. . .

In a statement issued to The Enquirer through her attorney, Rielle said: "The fact that I am expecting a child is my personal and private business. This has no relationship to nor does it involve John Edwards in any way. Andrew Young is the father of my unborn child."

But a source extremely close to the 43-year-old divorcee says Rielle has told a far different story privately: "Rielle told me she had a secret affair with Edwards. When she found out that she was pregnant, she said he was the father."

Rielle loves Edwards and will do anything to protect him, the source says.

In The Enquirer's Oct. 22 issue, we revealed that Edwards, 54, was involved in a mistress scandal and the shocking allegations - if proven true - could devastate the Democratic hopeful's campaign. . .

Reporters asked Edwards about The Enquirer report during a campaign stop in Columbia, S.C., on Oct. 11. Edwards responded: "The story is false. It's completely untrue, ridiculous," adding: "Anyone who knows me knows that I have been in love with the same woman for 30 plus years."

Rielle issued her own statement through, a pro-Democratic Web site, saying: "The innuendos and lies that have appeared on the Internet and in the National Enquirer concerning John Edwards are not true, completely unfounded and ridiculous. . .

A former "Director of Operations" for Edwards' campaign, Young's last official position with the campaign was "North Carolina Finance Director." He left that job about a month ago - about the same time Rielle settled in Chapel Hill. . .

Edwards' lawyer called The Enquirer and denied the well-coiffed Democratic candidate is the father of Rielle's baby, adding that Rielle would deny it as well.

Progressive Review - This story, if true, means an extremely intelligent trial lawyer with no previous record of extra-curricular sexual escapades launched a casual affair just before running for president and while his wife was critically ill - and did so without using a condom. That's not lascivious; that's masochism.

While it is true that John F. Kennedy engaged in affairs during his primary campaign, he had already established a reputation strong enough that staffers took protective measures. This story also is strikingly different than those involving Bill Clinton who discarded women like they were just another long-standing Democratic party plank and where the accounts of what happened (and subsequent efforts to keep them quiet) came from the women themselves. There is also no accusation of rape in this instance in contrast to the Juanita Broaddrick case involving Clinton.

The Enquirer, it should also be noted, places the word of an unnamed source above those of the woman allegedly involved and the man she claims is the father.

One final note: the key owner of the Enquirer is a Clinton operative


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