Thursday, July 31


Kit Wagar, Kansas City Star - Sen. Chris Koster, in the midst of a fiercely contested race for the Democratic nomination for attorney general, now faces nearly $200,000 in disparaging ads paid for by his ex-wife.

Rebecca Bowman Nassikas, who was married to Koster from 1996 to 2003, last week donated the money to an obscure political committee that opposes his candidacy. The committee has put up a Web site and plans to broadcast television ads critical of Koster and his political fundraising. . .

Koster, she said, was able to lend his campaign $200,000 last year at least partly because of a divorce settlement of about $580,000 that he received from her in 2005. . .

The Web site features a video that cites newspaper articles questioning whether Koster has used various political party fundraising committees to skirt limits on campaign donations. . .

Nassikas insisted that her donation was not a form of revenge for a bitter divorce. Rather, she said, it was a response to complaints filed with the Ethics Commission alleging improper fundraising by Koster and the tendency for candidates with the most money to get elected.

"We're divorced, and I'm remarried to a really nice guy," Nassikas said. "I have better things to do than be vindictive."


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