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July 27, 2008





Pat Elder, DC Activist - Meeting with activists in May, Sherry Ulery, Chief of Teaching and Learning for DC Public Schools, acknowledged that the school system currently operates live firing ranges in half of the system's public high schools. The firing ranges, which are affiliated with the Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps program uses CO2 - propelled pellet rifles.

The U.S. Army has defended the use of these weapons, insisting they are safe, under proper supervision. The issue of teaching automatic weaponry in the schools hasn't managed to cause much of a fuss because it seems most teachers and administrators feel it's better for the children to learn how to fire automatic weapons in school than it is for them to learn about them in the streets.

San Diego Union Tribune A 14-year-old boy was severely wounded during a sleepover in Santee early yesterday when another boy shot him in the face with an air-powered pellet rifle. Anthony Martinez suffered paralysis on the left side of his body, but doctors expected him to survive, his mother said yesterday. They anticipate he will need physical therapy to regain full use of his body, she said. . . Anthony graduated from Chet Harritt School in Santee and is preparing for his freshman year at West Hills High School. His mother said he is enrolled in the school's ROTC program.

Central Committee of Conscientious Objectors - School boards across the country, from Richmond, CA to Roane County, WV, are saying no to the Junior Reserve Officers Training Program. They're finding JROTC too controversial, too likely to promote violence, too expensive, too controlled by Washington, too discriminatory, and too much at odds with the goal of creating critically-thinking students in gun-free schools. . .

Instead of an alternative to violence, JROTC brings guns into the schools. Often, JROTC teaches students to use them. Students in a JROTC unit in Long Beach formed a military-style gang and murdered one of their members. In Detroit, a student shot another student in the hall of the school on the orders of the student gang (and JROTC) leader. In Arizona, a camouflage-clad JROTC student murdered 9 Buddhist monks. In SF, CA, a student's eardrum was broken in a hazing ritual that had gone on, with JROTC instructors' knowledge, for years.

Ninety percent of all JROTC programs train students to fire rifles or pistols. All of them drill with guns and teach military history, customs, traditions, and beliefs. In JROTC, too many kids learn, from example, that violence is acceptable.

The Army JROTC text, LET 1 (Leadership, Education, and Training), p. 87, states, "When troops react to command rather than thought, the result is more than just a good-looking ceremony or parade. Drill has been and will continue to be the backbone of military discipline." Almost all schools feel that one of their primary missions is to teach critical thinking. Yet JROTC promotes unquestioning, amoral obedience. The Navy JROTC text, Naval Science 1, p. 24, calls for "loyalty to those above us in the chain of command, whether or not we agree with them."

The Pentagon dictates JROTC curriculum, textbooks, and course content. JROTC instructors are often paid higher net salaries despite not having to meet District qualification standards. JROTC instructors aren't required to have college degrees. They are not credentialed in the academic subjects that JROTC claims to teach.

Fifty-four percent of JROTC participants nationwide are students of color. JROTC graduates are recruited directly into the lowest military ranks. The military targets low-income schools in the same way tobacco & alcohol companies target low-income communities. The results are equally deadly. Half the military's front-line troops are people of color.

The Army JROTC textbook LET 3, p. 185, trumpets, "Fortunately for the Army, the government policy of pushing the Indians farther west then wiping them out was carried out successfully." In addition to this celebration of brutal racism, women are almost invisible in JROTC textbooks. Veterans with disabilities and gay veterans are excluded from receiving the Pentagon authorization required to become a JROTC instructor. JROTC Discriminates

JROTC discriminates against students and instructors who are gay, lesbian or bisexual, people with disabilities and immigrants.

Sam Smith, Mission Creep, 1996 - Much of the military's intrusion [into civilian life] has been accomplished without public notice. For example, the Pentagon has greatly expanded JROTC programs. Last year, the American Friends Service Committee found retired military personnel teaching approximately 310,000 students, ages 14 and up, in about 2200 high schools (with another 700 on the docket). As the AFSC pointed out:

"Public schooling strives to promote respect for other cultures, critical thinking and basic academic skills in a safe environment. In contrast, JROTC introduces guns into the schools, promotes authoritarian values, uses rote learning methods, and consigns much student time to learning drill, military history and protocol, which have little relevance outside the military."

And what are these cadets being taught? Says the report:

"A comparison of the JROTC curriculum and two widely used civilian high school civics and history textbooks demonstrates that the JROTC curriculum falls well below accepted pedagogical standards. Units on citizenship and history are strikingly different from standard civil texts on these subjects.

"For example, . . . the JROTC text portrays citizenship as being primarily achieved through military service, provides only a short discussion of civil rights; and downplays the importance of civilian control of the military. . . .

"In comparison to the civilian history text, historical events in the JROTC curriculum are distorted . . History is described as a linear series of accomplishments by soldiers, while the progress engendered by regular citizens is marginalized. America's wars are treated as having been inevitable.

"While it claims to provide leadership training with broad relevance, in fact the JROTC curriculum defines leadership as respect for constituted authority and the chain of command, rather than as critical thinking and democratic consensus-building . . . Finally, the text encourages the reader to rely uncritically on the military as a source of self-esteem and guidance.

Further, at a time that schools are trying desperately to discourage violence, the JROTC is teaching students how to kill more effectively."

And just where did the idea come from for the expansion of military indoctrination in our high schools? From none other than that very media model of a major modern general: Colin Powell.

Following the LA uprising in 1992, writes Steven Stycos in the Providence Phoenix, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff "proposed a massive expansion of the program. Powell urged the new units be targeted to inner-city youth as an alternative to drug use and gang membership." In New England the number of students involved nearly tripled.

Was Powell seeking citizen officers to balance the academy-trained military? Absolutely not. The JROTC students are grunt-fodder. Besides, while referring to ROTC as "vital to democracy," Powell closed 62 college-based ROTC units during this same period. The inevitable result was that the proportion of academy-trained officers rose and the role of the citizen-officer diminished.








Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have responded quicker but I had to chase the blak helicopter away from my house first. OK, now where do we start. Let's see, the little I do know about the JROTC program is that school districts do not have to have the marksmanship program to have a jrotc program. It's those bad school board members in the community, elected by the right wing no good republicans that allow the marksmanship programs in 99% of the school districts nationwide. Imagine that, the people voting on what what programs they want in their scools ! karlmarx must be rolling in his grave !!! According to the information found at us army cadet comand hq (freedom of information act) over 98% of the officers teaching jrotc have masters degrees and all instructors are required to have a minimum of at least an associates degree. The instructors are all certified by the school districts to teach jrotc and in some states (like CA, they are required to get a vocational licence to teach). Every instructor must have 20 years of service before they can teach jrotc (it should be at least 40 years of of career training before they are allowed to teach!! just like the majority of our professors in college have--right ? yeah right :) jrotc teaches violence---oh wait a minute, how can that be true if 96% of jrotc cadets graduate from high school--a much higher percentage than those not in the program--- guess all that violence keeps them wanting to graduate !!! Can you imagine what would have happened in this country if the chairman of the joints chiefs did not double the size of the jrotc program bafter the LA riots ??? No wonder midnight basketball failed (sorry Al Gore) all the kids were in JROTC !!! The following is a quote from the author --I wanted to make sure I got these pearls of wisdom correctly

"While it claims to provide leadership training with broad relevance, in fact the JROTC curriculum defines leadership as respect for constituted authority and the chain of command, rather than as critical thinking and democratic consensus-building . . . Finally, the text encourages the reader to rely uncritically on the military as a source of self-esteem and guidance."

Good God--can you imagine asking High school students to rely on the military as a source of self esteem !!!! Let's see, maby they should rely on Congress as a source of self esteem--no, can't do that, Congress' rating by the American people is at 14%---ah maby corporate america--no can't do that either, their approval rating is only 12%--- maby Barrack Obama--no, can't do that either, he's friends with Johnathon Aires (self proclaimed/convicted terrorrist)--oh heck let's stick with the military on this one since their approval rating by the American citizen is 86%. Now as far as the curriculumn is concerned, can you believe it ? jrotc teaches a distorted view of history. I picked up a LET 2 book and they wrote that the united states military tried to help people in Somolia !!!!!!! I looked at one of my daughters world history books (10th grade) and it said that the united states military turned its back on somolia (damn the military and damn blackhawk down--those damn right wing hollywood types---always out to make a buck !!!
Hey I would really like to stay and chat some more, but that damn helicoter is back!!! Please excuse any spelling errors, gramatical or contexts snafoos, as I almost, but not quite finished with my doctorate of education and this stupid blog site does not have spell checker !!!


July 27, 2008 6:13 PM
Anonymous Orwell Warned said...

Does anyone else recall the grade school propaganda films on the evils of Cuba and the USSR, which focused on how schoolchildren on those countries were trained in small arms proficiency? It's sickeningly ironic that the U.S. now meets the same evil criteria.


July 27, 2008 7:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are sooo right Orwell !!!
Damn Republicans !!! Once Obama is President everything will be sooo much better, and we will finally get rid of those pesky JROTC Programs once and for all !!!


July 28, 2008 11:15 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd think the gun-fetishists here would be all about this idea. After all if everybody is gonna go around armmed to the teeth anyway, better to teach 'em young, right?


July 28, 2008 1:21 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well my gun is pretty big :)

We don't teach our children young enough about those nasty guns---in the middle east they get a gun when they pop out of the womb (no abortion in the middle east so they can pop out of the womb alive)
Crazy arabs !!! What are they thinking ?


July 28, 2008 7:02 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuba and the USSR were not evil !!!
They keep/kept the republicans rolling in cash !


July 28, 2008 7:04 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody tranquilize 702 and put him back in his cave please.


July 30, 2008 1:24 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JROTC Pellet rifles are single shot. The cadets are trained in safety and must pass a test with 100% to even handle a pellet rifle. Many of the cadets are minority because it doesn't cost anything to join JROTC. In Santa Barbara you used to be on the water polo team (white and rich) or in JROTC where 80% were hispanic. JROTC is prohibited from recruiting for the military. If you are afraid of what they are teaching go to the class and participate. Marching and Drill do teach children disipline. Many times other teachers come to JROTC instructors and ask them to help with students who are not doing well in their class. Special Ed kids are welcomed in JROTC and usually do very well.


August 22, 2008 5:53 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy crap, if your going to critize this, at least do it unbaised.
(now heres a biased opinion)
and seriously, people have to much freedom, they take it for granted. i think a week of martial law would fix most things. as a high school student, i know that when you leave a group of people together without rules, they will ulitmatly do wrong.

Regardless of what people say, humans are inherantly bad.


September 30, 2008 11:25 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above is a sterling example of the educational product of American high schools in more ways than one, I'm afraid.


October 6, 2008 12:54 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors' comments are so full of outright lies that it is almost laughable if it weren't so sad! Lying to try to make your point is not "conscientious".


October 8, 2008 5:22 PM
Anonymous MCJROTC Cadet said...

I'm a high school senior in Las Vegas, NV - I've been in Marine Corps JROTC since the first day of Freshman year.

Cities like Las Vegas are the perfect breeding grounds for drugs, gangs, and horrible violence. It's overcrowded, everyone's poor, and the city government is broken beyond repair.

I can say with complete honesty that i agree with some of your points, I think kids my age should be more critically thinking, we need to re-learn the word "Why".

On the other hand though, there's undeniable benefits to JROTC programs. Last year 80% of the Battalion at my high school finished the year with a 3.5%+ GPA. Now I'll admit that there are some radical ROTC instructors that want all their cadets to join the service and all that. But mostly, JROTC Instructors want their cadets to succeed.

As for the Marksmanship training, the theme behind all of it isn't about the guns... It's about the self-discipline involved in operating a weapon, and as stated before Cadets must past a series of standard test designed to gauge a person competency with safety and handling.

The Instructors ARE qualified. For the most part every instructor has AT LEAST an associates degree in General Education, that supplemented with their 10+ years of military exp their very qualified. They're paid the same as other teachers by the district they work for, the reason they make more is because they're paid additional money by their respective branches.

You may have you're opinions about JROTC but before you go and make them public, why don't you go down to a couple of you're local units. If you can go to one of each branch. I can just about promise you that despite your obvious hate for them the Cadets of those programs with be the most polite and professional teenagers you've ever met.

Just one last point.... Despite what everyone seems to think (prolly because he's a democrat) Sen. Obama supports the Department of Defense and all of its departmants (i.e. the uniformed services and JROTC/ROTC). He's not the tree-hugger we all seem to think... In case you missed it in the second presidential debate he said we should kill more terrorists..... it was pretty cool.


October 25, 2008 10:34 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, any suggestion that "we kill more" people is always pretty fukkin' cool, 10:34.

I wish we could lock your type away with your video games and keep you well away from guns and interaction with your fellow beings. That'd be pretty cool, too.


October 28, 2008 7:22 PM
Anonymous Your Mom said...

Liberal pussies.


November 13, 2008 3:10 PM
Blogger TPR said...

That's "Liberal pussies, Sir" - LT Sam, ex-USCGR


November 13, 2008 4:40 PM
Anonymous Connery said...

After trying to gauge all this jargon the AFSC and CO, I must say I am ashamed. I was raised to a non-military family. The only relatives to have fought were in World War II. I am historian, and my field is military history. So I am inherently evil for wanting to join the forces and pursue a career within the military? It is rather unfortunate to read such confounded bigotry. Maybe individuals like myself would enjoy JROTC. I have never once pressed my views on any one. Nor I have ever tried to recruit someone. Never have I been recruited, I felt my calling at a young age. I would never make someone change their view; only at least let them see and think about the other side. Any good arguer sees both sides; unfortunately people weigh opinions of what they see at face value. Wait, SGT. York, a C.O. was a hero of World War I. I never criticized another school group, if that is what makes them happy, go for it. What I simply cannot find an ounce of tolerance for are people who outright not only accuse each other, or those who judge based on what little they know.

Why do Americans love to jump to conclusions?

Concerning MCJROTC, 10:34, gave out some insight; he was not bashing anyone, just stating what he knows. I think the behaviors of others who have posted are worse than him, who has made him out to be bad. I commend you for speaking your mind without lashing out.

Many blame videogames and various media outlets. For the most part, the America we now sell violence. We are the age of ‘blogging’. Many of you can hide behind your computer screen and go create a mess of chaos. Why? Because you can, you don't give a hoot of what it does, you did it because whilst behind that computer screen you can do anything. Anything that can be criticized people will dig up reasons. They have no experience in the subject; they will be blatant and blunt as possible.

I can safely bet that many of you have never gone to one JROTC meeting, or event. Nor have you meet any of these young individuals. Wait, it's a optional high school program. No is forcing your children into this program. I believe in choice and the freedom to have that choice.

Guess who gave you that choice? Guess who gave many of those freedoms you can boast of? The men of uniform. If the young adults do not wish to join the JROTC program, simply they don't have to. Easy as that, such a simple concept just can't be grasped eh?

" …wish we could lock your type away with your video games and keep you well away from guns and interaction with your fellow beings. That'd be pretty cool, too."

What? Sigh...guess who made the games? The previous generations. It's now the kid’s faults for finding a social outlet. But wait; there are non-violent videogames too. How can one weigh what one should and shouldn't be able to do? Of course within common sense and reasonability.

I see a nation of what once was. I want to spend my life reinstating the values that many fought very bravely uphold. I see many of these torn down piece by piece by the America today. I suppose I am to look down upon those who fought and died for the very things we seldom cherish today? Instead, what C.O. and AFSC want is forget what these people did.

I believe peace is paramount. Thanks to the US military I am able to grow in a peaceful society, the basic definition of liberal is nothing it once was. A group that praises tolerance as a paramount value clearly fails as much as they claim JROTC does. However there are those in the world who do not value peace as a means to seek a pursuit of happiness. We need those to defend us against such people.

Why do most people claim that it's a recruiting program? The program itself clearly states it isn't. Furthermore, many cadets do not go into the military, they instead to contrary belief go to college. Many of them don't take ROTC in college. Are we as students being taken away of our freedom of choice? I want a JROTC program, and if you look at the major school shootings, their not JROTC cadets.

The weapons’ training is optional. Infact those are air rifles. If so dangerous, we should abolish Airsoft guns. Wait, you tried that, and it didn't work. I am a paintball player of 6 years; you can do MUCH more damage with a paintball gun. We a adult with a minor, they can purchase Airsoft or paintball "guns". In JROTC, their supervised when handling, shooting and locking up the weapons. But when little Johnny's dad gets him his airsoft gun, little Johnny now has free reign.

I apologize that I am against your grain of some average teenage violence, videogame crazed youth. Americans assume more than anyone I've ever meet in my short life of 16 years. I'm not saying your wrong I'm right or vice versa. It is a time where opinion reigns supreme over the land. I personally am disgusted in what America has turned into. However there are good points of America that have the strength to carry on. Again, I find few who lack the character to carry those traditions on. America is a place of choice, naysayers, just say no and please move on. It keeps people like me distracted from I'm trying to do with my life.

Some of you might be great people if I had the choice to meet you. Again, it is unfortunate is this Internet dominated world that people can assume such anonymity and do what they please without a intelligent argument.

There are many intelligent people out there; sometimes we just fail to think before type/speak. As Voltaire said, " I may not agree with what you said but I would fight to the death for your right to say it." I believe you should gather the facts before lashing out at anything. It is too easy for people to assume and not even take the attempt to even attempt to understand. I would die for my country; I love my country, what it stands for, not all this political scrutiny; what it truly stood for. I will at least tribute those who did the same for me. I am not some product of brainwashing, or any other degenerate name I might be called for saying my opinion. I think now is a time for understanding, but I don't know when it will come for America. I am not perfect, niether is the US, or anyone else. Until people can do away with self ignorance in general can we atleast have a intelligent conversation.


December 3, 2008 11:31 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Junior Reserve Officer Training Course.

with that said what do you think the program targeting. They training people to be officers,or leaders in some way. The reason why there probably going to low income school is so those kids can get military scholarship, not every one can have the mom or dad pay for their education. Now yes air rifles can be dangerous, but you do have to make a 100% on the test before you can handled one. I've been told by my AI (Army Instructor) that if someone picks up a air rifle without permission he instantly kicked off the team, also if a mussel is ever pointed at someone else weather the rifle is loaded or not you are kicked off the Team. Instructors take this vary seriously. last but not least you don't have to take J.R.O.T.C., it's an elective.


December 14, 2008 7:39 PM
Anonymous Emotionally appealless said...

Why do Americans love to jump to conclusions? Oh connery oh ho Connery, is it not jumping to conclusions, that whatever enemy we are fighting are all corrupt and evil and must be dehumanized?

is it not jumping to conclusions that whatever enemy we are fighting is always harming another ethnic group and they need and want our help?

is it not jumping to conclusions that the reason you and your family study military history, is because you respect and obey them, and not because your family wishs to critisize them for their authoritarian almost monarchy like chain of power?

Meh...At least Your post was better than most, like those who know the unknown only as ones who chop toes, or that belive their emotional appeal, when by finishing JROTC and joining they wouldn't get a good meal, or those beliving they are treated as a soldier of their country by the ones they serve, when to them they are only armed veal, and once the war was done, they would kick them onto the curb.

So I suppose your post has more highs than lows, even if it mows down this radicaly titled, but very persuasive and informative article, maybe i should dircect you to less radical articles, from C.A.M.S. and maybe you will learn that the military treats others like lambs.


February 1, 2009 4:13 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connery, the writer of this article was never against the military, only militarism, its no question we need a defense force, we just do not need our defense force Impacting us politically and socially, and it was not the military that gave us freedom back in the colonial period, it was the will of many citizens forming militas to TRULY fight for their rights, not some authoritarian vague institution who is currently doing the exact opposite, enroaching on our freedoms.


February 1, 2009 4:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connery, have you ever seen what happens when someone freindly fires on someone else and that person tries to report it?
This happens Connery this happens...

after reading the link I Provided, do you still think they are trying to protect you now? Maybe when they weren't so authoritarian, but now? they are only trying to draw critisizm away from themselves, they are only protecting themselves not you.


February 1, 2009 5:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I apologize that I am against your grain of some average teenage violence, videogame crazed youth."

Way to sterotype the young asshole, also whats virtual violence, when compared to actual Firearm training,and with that training the formation of miltary style gangs occurs (ironic as it was presented to an alteritve to that) the shooting of other students (even encouraged and acknowlaged by the JROTC) go back and listen to more bullshit about "serving your country" and Paranoid fearmongering logic like "if we don't attack them they will attack us" seriously do you really belive the military is what gave us freedom? The people did, they became militiame, at that time the U.S. Had no military, just people fighting to free themselves.


February 1, 2009 5:21 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"seriously do you really belive the military is what gave us freedom?"

Do you really think that the fact that we have the #1 military in the world has nothing to do with us being the best place on earth to be born?

If you go and say we're not the best nation on earth, you're kidding yourself.


March 1, 2009 12:26 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let me first say, that i am a member of the jrotc's marksman ship team.
and all of you are overreacting. kids will shoot eachother with air rifles regardles.. that is the parents fault.. the marksmanship team teaches safty and control with a weapon and is completly safe.


March 9, 2009 11:53 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I know, JROTC is strictly voluntary! So...when you get rid of those black helicopters from around your head, get back to me...


March 16, 2009 7:51 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We teach firearms training in the US to enhance the safety of their use by individual citizens. Teaching JROTC members is only a prelude to the training they will receive in the military, should they decide it is the path they wish to take. The military is only doing what is beneficial, teaching them to handle a rifle (air or otherwise). You may read about the accidents that happen, when there is just a coincidence that they were JROTC, but what about the 100k that have been trained and use some common sense. Rememeber, you kids are only as good as their upbringing, so blame the parents, not the children. All to often I have seen parents force their children to join a military style organization, as they want to instill discipline. Discipline starts at home, not with a third-party; which you would sue in a heartbeat if something went wrong. Stand up and take responsibility for your childs shortcomings, don't blame JROTC programs.

Additionally, study some WORLD history. Get out of your little "me" world and look at the past. The British went into India, took away all their weapons, then placed them under British rule. Ghandi, a religious man, made a comment that the worst thing his people did was give up their weapons. This is just one example, there are many more.

Your freedom as an American to work, earn a fair wage, own your own home or car, walk the streets freely at anytime, have a government which represents you as a whole (sometimes) are all due to America's right to defend itself. During WWII the Continental US was never invaded, as the foreign powers were afraid due to the vast majority of weapons still around from WWI! Who wants to fight a country that is armed? Nobody. For those history buffs, who know the US was invaded, that was the Aluetian Islands, a barran area but a good foodhold for an invasion of Canada and US.

So in short, your democracy is guaranteed by the right of every American to own a firearm to defend their home. Individual homes make up towns, cities, etc. These in turn provide protection for a state, states provide protection for the Nation. Teaching our youth now helps us when a war is brought our shores, something which is long overdue, but will hopefully never come to pass. Russia, China, the Middle East and many Eastern European countries all do one thing in common; teach every able bodied man to fire a weapon in grade/high school. All men are subject to military callout when needed...wait we do that's call a draft.


March 22, 2009 3:55 PM
Blogger audrey said...

Hey, for the guy who commented in December, just so you know, it is NOT Junior Reserve Officer Training Course, it is Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Just another example of not having the facts before opening the mouth. I am a liberal Democrat, just about as liberal as they come, and I spent three years in JROTC in High School. I loved it. I learned a lot and I was never recruited AT ALL. The only thing we ever heard about the regular Army was what rank we would have if we joined up. That's it. I made a lot of friends and my grades greatly improved. I was on the rifle team for those three years and it wasn't teaching me to kill. Unless, of course, you are able to kill a paper target. It was my sport and that was the only way I looked at it. We were also not expected to obey orders for the sake of obeying orders. We had an entire semester on ethics and one of the main points was that you were expected to disobey any order that you believed to be illegal. We were taught that while your leaders are in charge, you still have an individual responsibility to ensure nothing you do is illegal. One more thing, air rifles are single shot, not automatic. Or did you just use the term to make this a more sensational piece?


July 29, 2009 7:16 PM
Anonymous America said...

i will never under stand you liberials you never make sense and you only look for the bad in things and twist statements to sound like some thing horrible in my opinion liberials are un american.


August 7, 2009 5:03 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are confused if you look at JROTC in a negative. It's a program about positive behavior and helps all students be successful and achieve ther highest potential. Most of you obviously know nothing about the nature of JROTC or what its about.


January 15, 2010 6:11 PM



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