Thursday, July 31, 2008


Market Watch - Although only 8 percent of workers admitted to stretching the truth on their resumes, 49 percent) of hiring managers reported they caught a candidate lying on their resume. Of these employers, 57 percent said they automatically dismissed the applicant. This is according to Career Builder latest survey of more than 3,100 hiring managers and over 8,700 workers . .

Career Builder asked hiring managers to share the most memorable or outrageous lies they came across on resumes. Examples include:

Claimed to be a member of the Kennedy family
Invented a school that did not exist
Submitted a resume with someone else's photo inserted into the document
Claimed to be a member of Mensa
Claimed to have worked for the hiring manager before, but never had
Claimed to be the CEO of a company when the candidate was an hourly employee
Listed military experience dating back to before he was born
Included samples of work, which the interviewer actually did
Claimed to be Hispanic when he was 100 percent Caucasian
Claimed to have been a professional baseball player


At July 31, 2008 12:00 PM, Anonymous m said...

Those telling stupid, obvious and boneheaded lies, are only taking their cue from the trend set by the administration and its followers.


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