Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If a similar survey was done on American blacks or American gays and revealed a similar disconnect between its results and "conventional wisdom", then yes, such a headline would be entirely appropriate.

Ah, but where did the structure of the universe come from?. . . If everything started as pure chaos, what gave it structure? . . . Are Greg Egan's anthrocosmologists correct that our universe will be retroactively created by the first physicist to develop and understand a perfect TOE (Theory of Everything)? - The Question Man

No mention of the fact that the ongoing IAEA inspections have only supported the Iranian's claims.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow-job because the GOP Christian extremists didn't like him. Prosecuting the Bush administration for crimes against humanity and failing in their obligation to uphold the Constitution is not in any way comparable.

Public service should be criminal free, Sunstein, you twit. Answers like your are the result of someone having something to hide.


Frankly I have no problem at all with a population composed of a large percentage of criminals, welfare cheats, thugs and crackheads failing to 'bounce back' either now, or in the forseeable future...

Don't you just love people who use percentages to hide uncomfortable facts. The race that has the most absolute number of Americans fitting the descriptions in the above post is of course Caucasians.


So far, we've seen Obama blow off the people who worked to get him the nomination, in favor of the same smelly policies advocated by the same smelly corporate lobbyists who financed Bush One, Clinton and Shrub. After eight years of Cheney/Rovian phantom-of-the-opera secrecy, we see we can expect the same imperial attitude from Obama who apparently feels the less we know the better. Hope? Change? Bah! Humbug!

"You're seeing selected pictures taken by the military, questions by the military, and what some would call fake interviews, because they're not interviews from a journalist."

Well neither are you, Andrea. You're an overpaid, pock-marked faced, stenographer. Now, go and suck on your husband's 70+ yr old wang, will you?

I'm sure reporters would have had tough questions for Obama, just like they did when Bush had his news conference right before the Iraq war that was in no way scripted or rehearsed. Oh wait. . .

The mainstream Republican-corporate controlled media has been on its knees before Dear Leader Bush for years on end; why would anyone presume that they would lend any credibility to the situation with their coverage? Obama isn't stupid; if the press corps had any integrity he might have treated them differently. It's already getting old that no matter what Obama does someone is sniveling about it.

It's way past old when Obama's sniveling supporters bleat that when Obama replays Shrub's scenes it's somehow different because He's the Anointed. Get a time machine and vote for Gore or Kerry then blame it all on Nader and the rest of sane America.


More than a little hard on the ears though.


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