Monday, July 28


BBC Senator Obama has been a big supporter of corn subsidies for American farmers to produce the plant-fuel ethanol. But a new report from his own green adviser warns of the many problems associated with the biofuel.

Daniel Kammen's paper says that a car will emit more greenhouse gases driving on corn ethanol processed with coal than it will using normal petrol. The University of California, Berkeley, professor says the boom in subsidized American corn production is driving up the cost of animal feed - and forcing soy production to Brazil where it creates still more greenhouse gases if it is planted on virgin land. . .

Senator Obama has previously been a strong supporter of President Bush's corn subsidies which put money into the pockets of his voters in Illinois - the second biggest corn state in America. He has also said in the past that the subsidies help with energy security and climate change. Recently, he has been shifting position somewhat but we may not know until after the election how much he has been listening to Professor Kammen.


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