Thursday, July 10


The Green Party will select its presidential and vice presidential nominees at its convention this Saturday in Chicago. Cynthia McKinney, the leading candidate for the presidential nomination, has selected Rosa Clemente as her vice presidential running mate. Rosa Alicia Clemente is a community organizer, journalist and hip-hop activist.

Brad Blog - Tehe Pima County, Arizona, Diebold vote tabulation system was manipulated to "pass" a 2006 ballot initiative when, in fact, the measure was actually voted down, according to a startling new allegation revealed today by the election watchdog group Audit AZ. The long-running election integrity battles in Pima flared up again as an explosive affidavit from a former county official was released at a press conference held by the tenacious local organization. On the heels of several recent Audit AZ court victories, resulting in the unprecedented if long overdue release of mountains of previously "proprietary" Diebold election databases, today's presser was well attended by much of the local media. . . According to [the official's] affidavit, "During that conversation Bryan Crane told me he 'fixed' the RTA, or Regional Transportation Authority election on the instructions of his bosses and he did what he was told to do. Mr. Crane expressed his concern about being indicted and said he would like to talk but couldn't trust anyone."