Monday, July 7, 2008


- - McCain has one big advantage over Obama: he knows who he is. . . But his real big advantage is that McCain is white, as are the majority of voters in this country. I do not believe that that majority of voters are so desperate to get the GOP out of the WH, that they are going to vote in an inexperienced, black one-term Senator, who never had any military service, who's wife is proud of America for the first time in her adult life, who had as his mentor and "spiritual advisor" the minister who "God Damned America". . . . Race matters. I think those uneducated, working-class whites will stop clinging to their guns and religion just long enough to vote and will more than likely vote for one who looks like them. . . just like 90 or 92 or 97% of the blacks in this country did recently. Will be an interesting November! - BBF Minneapolis, MN

My apologies to you for your otherwise fearless and rational writings -- KK Kumaroo


- - Let us not forget the opportunities for purveyors of snake oil and educational software such as the President's brother.

-- Education will only improve when its consumers have as much choice in schooling as they do in finding a place to eat. Sure, most people will end up being taught by the equivalent of McDonalds or Applebee's, but would that really be worse than they are getting now? If I had my time over, I might opt for Hooters High!

Here's where we are:

George W. Bush: Horrible Republican president who's made a mockery out of our country

John McCain: probably worse successor to the travesty

Ralph Nader/Bob Barr/et al: Well-meaning fringe characters who really don't have access to the possibility of being elected

Barack Obama: Nominee of and supplicant to the party that enabled GWB. Best possible though truly least-worst. Probably won't make things worse, yet most likely will not even undo the damage done by the current occupant.

What is a citizen to do?

I know. Tune in, burn my copy of the Constitution and my flag, drop out. - robbie

- - It's amazing anyone falls into the Cult of Obama, when one compares his record with his cotton candy oratory, but then again, 8 years of Bush have made people extremely desperate.

- - Lord knows Obama wasn't my first choice but there is one clear reason to vote for him and that is the Supreme Court. If you want to be sure to see your civil liberties dwindle away and corporate America running the place then John McCain is your choice.


- - Now if only the European Union would impose sanctions on the U.S. for its treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo.


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