Sunday, July 6


Candi Peterson - Teachers from Teach for America and New Teacher Project will not be certified when they enter. They will have to apply for provisional certification like everyone else, then take the courses required to get certification in their area. Often they leave before acquiring full certification. Many teachers from Teach for America do not have degrees in education and typically don't have the required course work. The certification office tells them what courses they have to take. In addition they have to pass the required tests. So even though the system is getting rid of teachers who have not finished all of their certification requirements, students will be taught by new teachers who do not have certification and are going through the process to get certified which, depending on your background, could take several years to complete.

In a meeting I attended with William Lockridge, he expressed concern that the DC State Board of Education is looking to water down DCPS certification requirements and to allow non-profits to approve teachers for certification. If this passes, organizations like Teach for America and New Teacher Project would be approving certification for their own people. This would be disastrous.

Iris J. Toyer We have been this way before. During the Vance administration, he too released hundreds of teachers who had not become [certified or] maintained certification. I believe that several hundred were to be released under Dr. Janey, although extensions were given to those who were in the process of becoming certified or whom the system could not prove were not. At any rate, in their place, many bright eyed, 'energetic', shiny new teachers were hired who were granted provisional certification. That means they were not fully certified. Here we go again. If your school gets a TFAer or NTPer ask about their certification. I suspect that after two years we will go through this once again.


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