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Brad Blog - Bruce E. Ivins, reportedly on the verge of being indicted for capital murder in the anthrax killings, was a registered Democrat, according to the Fredrick County, MD, Board of Elections. He had been registered there since 1982 and records indicate that he voted in "every election since 1996," including Democratic primaries, according to the official who responded to a request from West Virginia-based radio host Bob Kincaid.

The party affiliation of the bio-terror researcher who worked at U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease adds a notable twist to the ever increasing questions surrounding the bizarre case following Ivins' reported suicide last week. He was, according to media reports, soon to be indicted for charges related to the post-9/11 terror attacks that rocked the nation and, as Salon's Glen Greenwald has very effectively argued, served as a crucial influence in marching the country towards war with Iraq.

The corporate mainstream media [failed] to note that the targets of the multiple post-9/11 terror attacks on American soil were primarily powerful men perceived as liberals by the Republican right wing. Nonetheless, despite two senior Democratic U.S. senators, Tom Daschle of SD and Patrick Leahy of VT, having been the only known governmental targets in the deadly letter campaign, which also included perceived liberal media figurehead Tom Brokaw, the MSM coverage --- almost uniformly --- failed to note the obvious correlations in the attacks. Most even failed to even mention the names of those who were directly targeted in what was clearly meant to appear as a follow-up attack from Muslim extremists. . .

Today, the New York Times noted, as we similarly did yesterday, that the FBI's case against Ivins appears to be almost entirely circumstantial. . .

As the Times, The Brad Blog, and many others have now noted, the case appears to hinge largely on the testimony of a social worker, Jean C. Duley, who had treated Ivins for a number of months in group therapy. As it turns out, however, Duley herself has a criminal history (as detailed by both Larisa Alexandrovna and Greenwald) and is no longer working at the Fredrick, MD, facility where Ivins was being treated, according to Bloomberg News.

A physician, bio-terror specialist, and former colleague of Ivins, Meryl Nass raised significant questions about the veracity of Duley's testimony against Ivins on her blog devoted to the topic. . .

Little otherwise seems to be known so far about Ivins' political affiliation and little has been reported on what would seem to be a crucial element in the case. The toxic letters sent to the Democratic senators were written so as to have appeared to be from a Muslim extremist, and were used to further back the Administration's early allegations that the 9/11 attacks were from similar entities.

Ivins was known to have been a practicing Roman Catholic and a regular attendee of his local parish, according to a number of media accounts. He had sent Letters to the Editor of his local paper, the Frederick News-Post, over the years. The paper printed several of them.

Greenwald reported on the cryptic clues, perhaps revealed by those letters, regarding Ivins' ideology. The letters, which seem to indicate, contrary to his party registration, that he leaned politically rightward, were excerpted by Greenwald on Friday as follows: "Though the underlying ideology is a bit difficult to discern, he seems clearly driven by a belief in the need for Christian doctrine to govern our laws and political institutions, with a particular interest in Catholic dogma. He wrote things like this: 'Today we frequently admonish people who oppose abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide or capital punishment to keep their religious, moral, and philosophical beliefs to themselves. Before dispensing such admonishments in the future, perhaps we should gratefully consider some of our country's most courageous, historical figures who refused to do so.'"

And then there's this rather cryptic message, published in 2006:

"Rabbi Morris Kosman is entirely correct in summarily rejecting the demands of the Frederick Imam for a 'dialogue.' By blood and faith, Jews are God's chosen, and have no need for 'dialogue' with any gentile. End of 'dialogue.'"

Given the similarities in the perceived political ideology among the targeted victims of the anthrax letters, the political affiliation or leanings of whoever was responsible for the attacks would seem key to the government's still-undisclosed case. Yet that aspect continues to be largely overlooked in the media coverage since Ivins' death. . .

While Ivins' registration as a Democrat, originally filed as far back as 1982, doesn't necessarily mean he continued to hold the same political leanings today --- many voters who are registered, but who haven't moved, simply do not bother to change their party affiliation, even as their political beliefs morph over the years --- it's certainly another point of interest in an increasingly troubling case.


At August 5, 2008 5:46 PM, Anonymous m said...

So far the FBI case against Ivins appears to be nothing but smears and innuendo. On the order of the old joke about the cracker politician who was leading a campaign against higher education. He wowed his audiences with gross violations of immorality on campus such as: male and female students actually matriculated in public together. And a male prof could force any coed to show him her thesis.

The FBI has related that Ivins used a lypholizer for which he had no legitimate purpose A lypholizer or lyopholizer is a freeze dryer, and a standard component of any microbiology lab. It is used to freeze dry bacteria for storage for later use. It would be like saying he used a Bunsen burner for which he had no legitimate purpose. Hogwash.

Ivins was reported to be so dangerous that his therapist had to get an order of protection. But according to Glen Greenwald, the therapist has stated through her attorney that the FBI told her to get the order of protection.

A therapist giving out all that personal information to the press? A therapist who seems to spell therapist as therapast [sic]? A substance abuse therapist who has a long string of, as well as recent arrests for DWI?

There is supposedly some significance to the reputed mail drop for the anthrax letters being within a hundred yards of a sorority house. The sorority was supposed to have been an obsession with Ivins. Yet he is not known to have visited any chapter since 1981, and never visited the Princeton chapter. Above all, the location near the mailbox was not a chapter location per se, but merely a location used only for storage.

A scientist using codeine and acetaminophen for suicide? Why when there are so many other, and far better choices available?

On and on the smears go. No substance, no meaning. Just like Steven Hatfill before Ivins, and the scientist of ARABIC extraction before Hatfill. Like Richard Jewell -- the Olympic park bombing hero who the FBI picked as a patsy for that bombing. The FBI uses smears and taints hoping that someone just gives up like Ivins is supposed to have done.

There is just too much wrong with this case, and every day it gets worse.


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