Sunday, September 14


Darcie Moore, Brunswick Times Record - A life-altering chain of events may be under way that launches a new music group into careers that take them to stages far beyond Bowdoinham. Last Friday night, the Board of Selectmen weren't dealing with budgets or sludge management. Instead, Bowdoinham's Singing Selectmen met for their first practice session. . . Though it was the first time all three played together, it was quite a jamming frenzy, especially when the musicians sank into a rendition of "Proud Mary (Rollin' on the River)."

Selectmen Steve Ciembroniewicz and Wayne Dorr showed up at fellow Selectman David Whittlesey's home with their guitars for the practice. Whittlesey had his fiddle ready to go and they were soon tuning guitars in Whittlesey's guest apartment. . . After trying a few songs, Dorr asked, "Do we have any Bob Marley?"

Someone started playing instead "Proud Mary" and Dorr improvised a line or two: "... Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the Cathance [a local revier- TPR]"

With a song like that, "we can get the whole crowd singing," Dorr said. "We'll have to get a few cops to keep the fans off us."

Ciembroniewicz suggested they start off a cappella.

"Oh jeez, you guys," Dorr murmured. But he got to choose the key.


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