Tuesday, September 23, 2008


DC school chancellor Michelle Rhee is getting a lot of puffery from places like the PBS News Hour, but we'd advise readers to ignore it. We won't go into the whole dismal story but this item will give you a bit of the flavor:

Qawi Robinson, DC Watch - Granted, DC Public Schools needed some overhauls, but Rhee and company, in their effort to fix the things that are broken, have broken things that didn't need fixing. The latest example of this is school naming. Once upon a time there were Elementary Schools, a Middle School, Junior High Schools, and High Schools. As part of the consolidation, the Junior High Schools were completely eliminated, creating more Middle Schools and Hybrid K-8 schools. The resulting name of the hybrids: "EleMiddle Schools." This concatenation of Elementary and Middle isn't even an accepted word in the English language, yet we are naming educational campuses (nee schools) with this name. . . When the name was debuted at a "Back to School Night" last week, several parents were more than befuddled by the name, from which even the principal sought distance. The principal clearly said, "We didn't think this up. This came from the Chancellor's Office." . . .

After receiving a brochure about the "Capital Gains" program [in which students are paid to do well], I was interested not only in the funding but also in the math surrounding the awards. I read and was told that students can get up to $50 every two weeks, or $100 a month. With school being roughly nine months, that totals at most $900 or $950, including a leap day and regular calendar shifts. On the brochure, it also said that students can earn up to $1500 in a school year, for which there is no explanation. If school were held for twelve consecutive months, even at the biweekly maximum payout of $50, $1300 would be the limit. . .


At September 24, 2008 8:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you are as arrogant as Michelle Rhee, you can rename anything you like and people had better like it.
She's a bit like a god in her own mind.


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