Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Reuters - A French judge has ordered two departments and seven prominent members of the Church of Scientology in France to stand trial on charges of organized fraud, a judicial source said. The case is the latest in a series of legal battles that have pitted the French judicial system against the Scientologists, who could be forced to stop their activities in France if found guilty.

The latest suit centers on a complaint made in 1998 by a woman who said she was enrolled into the Church of Scientology by a group of people she met outside a metro station. In the following months, she said she paid 140,000 francs (21,340 euros) for "purification packs" and books which she said were a fraud. Other complaints then surfaced, prolonging the investigation.

Judge Jean-Christophe Hullin ruled that the Scientologists' Celebrity Center, bookstore and seven Church leaders should be tried for fraud and "illegally practicing as pharmacists".

The Church of Scientology is registered as a religion in the United States but has struggled to be accepted in Europe, with French authorities seeing it as a sect masquerading as a church to make money.

The Church of Scientology denounced Monday's ruling, saying it was being "stigmatized" by the courts. . .

It has faced numerous setbacks in France, with members convicted of fraud in Lyon in 1997 and Marseille in 1999. In 2002, a court fined it for violating privacy laws and said it could be dissolved if involved in similar cases.


At September 9, 2008 4:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and it's for this reason that the Scientologists have slandered a number of European governments, especially Germany (where they published a thin book paralleling the Holocaust [!] to Germany's anti-cult laws), because those governments have a low tolerence for cults and con artists. I hope the French win, but they should prepare themselves for a long trial; the CoS hires crack lawyers and tries any legal strategy to wear down opponents.

For more info: www.xenu.net

- Strelnikov

At September 9, 2008 9:14 AM, Blogger RONBOTHUNTER said...


The Scientologists still under the control of the anti-God Cult’s Ronbot staff, still have not received full disclosure on the facts that Ex-Scientologists now know.

The Ronbots still in the Anti-God Cult are not allowed to question ANYTHING and are not allowed to research anything. Yet they are encouraged under the Fair-Game policy to hurt, harm, sue, slander, attack, hit, abuse, libel, lie, scam, rob, etc. or even kill Ex-Scientologists who dare to expose the facts and the truth.

These Ronbots are used as sacrificial lambs by the Cult to open groundless and frivolous lawsuits only designed to destroy and make the ex-Scientologists afraid to expose them.

But “Ronbot Hunters” are now learning the UCC and Common law remedies to stop and destroy the Godless Ronbots -- who allowed un-ethical lawsuits to be made in their names.

The Ronbots use the anti-God “Fair-Game” policy to destroy Ex-Scientologists and now Ronbot Hunters are learning to use the Constitution and Commercial laws and the UCC to protect their rights.


The fact that Ronbots are not allowed to read what they will or desire, tells you that the Cult fears knowledge of the truth.

But the truth can only be exposed by “the statements of the majority”, with personal first hand knowledge of Scientology.

Since Ronbots never know all the facts their statements in defense of the Cult is biased, because they are prohibited from research of the facts – their opinions are also invalid.

To learn the truth -- you must learn what the MAJORITY of free-minded Ex-Scientologists claim.

They claim this well known fact—the Church of Scientology is a GODLESS CULT.

This evil anti-god cult has its own Navy and armed bases, they have brain-washed Ronbots with weapons of mass destruction (fully automatic) just ready to blow you away. They are dangerous to all mankind and to all real religions of the world.

Do not fear to learn what both sides have to say on any issue. Always seek full disclosure on everything.

Read what Ex-Scientologists have to say, find out what the MAJORITY CLAIMS.

Find the truth and never allow others to tell you what to think, do or say. Always seek out the truth -- even if you will be fired or kicked-out from the Cult.


Sincerely yours,

All Rights Reserved

Copyright Ronbothunter--- All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 & 1-103.6 including rights under the UCC and common law remedies. I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not personally sign and enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and especially if I was not given full disclosure. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement.


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