Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bozeman Daily Chronicle, MT - The Bozeman School District plans to require every student to wear or carry ID badges at school and after-school events. Security has also been taken up a notch at Bozeman High with the recent installation of motion-activated digital video-recording cameras throughout the school. "It's part of our safety plan," Superintendent Kirk Miller said last week. "When you are proactive, students and adults and anybody in the school knows the cameras could pick up anything. That's a deterrent."

Requiring 1,900 high school students to wear or carry identification badges is simply considered "good practice" in education today, he said. Hospitals and other public organizations require their staffs to wear badges. For the past year, the School District has required its 750 employees to wear ID badges on lanyards around their necks. "That's the way the world is today," Miller said. "The world is different after 9/11."

Bozeman High has always issued student ID cards, which students carry in their wallets, pockets, purses or backpacks. The difference is that students haven't been required to carry their IDs when they leave the classroom. Wearing them on lanyards will be optional. . .

Emily Hogin, 15, a sophomore, said she understands that school officials want to prevent someone with bad intentions from entering the school, but added, "It's kind of ridiculous. We live in little Bozeman, Montana. It's kind of overkill."

Hannah Galloway, 17, a senior, said student ID cards are great because they let students get discounts on movies and ski passes, but if she had to wear one all the time, "I think it's completely ridiculous.". . .

Freshman Kaitlin Webb, 14, heading home after school with her trombone, said she doesn't like the idea of wearing badges. "It makes our school seem like creepy big ones, in big cities," she said. "A lot of people don't like it. . . It kinda makes us feel like they're treating us like criminals." She added some girls don't like the idea of wearing ID badges because, "It clashes with your outfit.". . .

Asked if students in younger grades will someday be required to wear badges, Miller said, "We're phasing it in."


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