Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Jonathan Steele, Guardian, UK - Hundreds of children, some as young as nine, are being held in appalling conditions in Baghdad's prisons, sleeping in sweltering temperatures in overcrowded cells without working fans, no daily access to showers, and subject to frequent sexual abuse by guards, current and former prisoners say. . .

Daytime temperatures in Baghdad last week averaged 44C (112F). They barely drop below 38C at night. . . Guards often take boys to a separate room in the prison and rape them, [a prisoner] alleged. They also break prison rules by lending their mobile phones to boys to ring home, on condition that each time their families top the phone up by $10 or $20. The teaching staff resigned en masse in November because of low pay, according to an international official. As a result, the children lounge around aimlessly with no daytime activities, other than an exercise yard.

Though the boys in the prison have been convicted, international standards for fair trials are never met. "Trials last on average for 25 minutes, no witnesses are called, confessions are used as the only evidence, and court-appointed defense lawyers get the case file on the day of the trial, leaving no chance to consult the defendant in private," an international adviser in Baghdad said on condition of anonymity. . .

Last year officials from the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (Unami) visited Baghdad's Tobchi prison, where children awaiting trial are held. They reported that detainees provided "particularly worrisome allegations of ill-treatment or other abuse of juvenile males, several of whom told Unami they had been beaten and sexually abused while held in the custody of the ministries of the interior and defence prior to transfer to a juvenile facility. Upon examining them Unami observed injuries consistent with beatings."

The UN found severe overcrowding at Tobchi, with around 400 inmates in a prison with an official capacity of 206. "In some cells juveniles were taking turns to sleep on the floor without mattresses," the UN report said.


At September 9, 2008 6:58 PM, Anonymous AIPAC said...

Apparently , The Iraquis have been getting lessons from Mossad and IDF, Israel should be so fucking proud.

At September 12, 2008 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Israeli citizen, and i have not "taught" the Mossad or the IDF anything, nor do I condone or approve of these practices. Show a little more judiciousness in exactly who it is you wish to condemn with your words 658, please.


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