Wednesday, October 15


DC Edu - DCPS has fired Shepherd Elementary's recently hired Principal Dr. Galeet BenZion. Here's an email she sent to the Shepherd listServ:

" My Dear Parents, You have heard by now, that the Shepherd school community has lost its principal today. According to the Chancellor I am not the right fit to this community and it is best for the children that I am replaced. I feel as if the flower has just began to bloom and was just stepped on. It has been a privilege to get to know each of you. You are an amazing community and I applaud your commitment to high quality education in the district. I am truly sorry that I have disappointed you. With much love and commitment, Galeet BenZion

A parent writes: She was willing to say that it was wrong to start the school year without a budget. She fought hard to get the funding for language teachers (French and Spanish) that had been promised to Shepherd along with our identification as an IB school. She has creative and great ideas. High standards and goals. Perhaps most impressive, she got the registration and student attendance up at the school. Downtown expected us to have 320 students, we at one point were as high as 370, now down to around 350, but quite a few families left when we had three full kindergarten classes and downtown threatened to take back one of the K teachers . . .

Washington Post Wire - As is customary with personnel matters, Rhee did not explain her reason for the abrupt move, which sparked a torrent of e-mails and phone calls to The Wire from angry parents. Clara Canty, instructional superintendent for the cluster of schools that includes Shepherd, wasn't any more enlightening at an afternoon meeting with parents, attributing the firing to "unforeseen reasons.". . .

BenZion was not the first choice of a school community panel that screened principal candidates this summer. But Rhee chose her nonetheless. Even so, several Shepherd parents said this evening that BenZion had won wide respect and had brought some stability to a school that had two interim principals last year after a mid-term resignation.


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