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Daily Citizen, AR - Brian Barnett, 32, was arrested by Searcy Police midday Friday for refusing to cover profanity on a political sign he was holding on a street corner. [Green] Barnett opposes Republican Kyle Reeves and Democrat Monte Betts in the race for House District 50. . . Just before noon Friday, Barnett was standing at the northwest corner of Beebe-Capps Expressway and South Main, near a former feed store containing numerous Reeves signs, holding a sign. The sign's four lines said, "Debate Brian! Chicken s***; 1. Kyle Reeves; 2. Monte Betts." . . . At 11:37 a.m., Searcy Patrolman Tyrel Johnson arrived and spoke to Barnett about the sign. "You can probably get away with saying he's chicken, but since he's an alderman and a member of the city council, you can't," Johnson told Barnett. "That word is not acceptable." Barnett explained the sign to Johnson, saying it was designed to call attention to the refusal of Reeves and Betts to debate him. "When you call someone chicken s*** that means they're scared," Barnett said. When Sergeant Tom McGee arrived, the three went next door to a tire shop and Barnett could be heard offering to change the sign. Within minutes, however, Barnett was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct, apparently for refusing to obey an officer. "I asked him on four occasions to remove those letters from that sign," McGee said. "He did remove the 'i' but I asked him to remove the entire word.". . . Within minutes, Barnett was taken out of the car, given a citation and was allowed to go free. The sign was returned to Barnett and he was told he could stand where he chose with the sign. Barnett, confused as to why he was allowed to continue displaying the altered sign, now showing an "X" over the "i," was told the matter would be explained to him further at his Nov. 20 court date in White County District Court, Searcy Division. . . . "The officer said, 'A city councilmen has disagreed with your sign.".

According to Chris Matthews,
the last time the GOP controlled the White House without a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket was in 1928.

Political Wire A new GQR poll finds that young, white, married women prefer Sen. John McCain by one point, 47% to 46%, while young married women overall favor Sen. Barack Obama by 12 points, 53% to 41%. However, young unmarried women prefer Obama by a stunning 48 point margin, 69% to 21%. That's a "marriage gap" of 36 points.

Political Wire -
Six reasons the race is likely over: 1. No candidate as far back in the polls as McCain is with just two weeks to go has ever won. 2. Record setting early voting in dozens of states locks in votes in the event something big happens in the next two weeks. 3. Democrats have a large advantage in party registration as compared to four years ago. 4. Obama is outspending McCain by a large margin in the battleground states. 5. There is no reliable evidence of a "Bradley effect" in the polling. 6. Obama has probably secured every state that Democrats won four years ago and leads in half a dozen states Republicans won.


Nancy Stauffer, MIT Energy Initiative
How much gasoline would the nation save in the year 2035 if lightweight hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles dominated the marketplace? More than 68 billion gallons, or about half the fuel currently used each year by today's vehicles. Over the next 25 years, the fuel consumption of new vehicles could be reduced by 30-50 percent and total U.S. fuel use for vehicles could be cut to year 2000 levels, with greenhouse gas emissions cut by almost as much. But it will be challenging to meet those demands.


Seattle Post-Intelligencer -
Nine state troopers are under investigation over college diplomas they claimed to have earned to get higher pay. Six troopers and three sergeants, including one trooper assigned to the Seattle detachment, were placed on paid administrative leave last week as the State Patrol started a criminal investigation, Capt. Jeff DeVere said. . . The State Patrol began auditing personnel records last summer after the principals in a Spokane diploma mill scandal were convicted of counterfeiting and selling degrees and transcripts from some of the largest schools in the United States, as well as from 125 phony schools. Dixie and Steve Randock, of Colbert, were sentenced to three years in prison. The federal investigation, which lasted several years, uncovered government employees, including members of the National Security Agency and a White House staffer, who bought fake degrees.

Rules of Thumb -
Take note of your body's position when you wake up in the morning - that's probably your most comfortable sleeping position. Knowing that could help when it's harder than usual to fall asleep at night. - Randy Phillips, Programmer, Canoga Park, CA

Eavesdrop DC - On Sunday, I overheard three guys walking out of Whole Foods as one of them says: "I make a policy of not changing my facebook status in the first three months of dating someone."


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